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10 April 2021: apologies, I have not been very diligent adding to this page. Many updates since 2018 including completion of the World War 1 records, and entire new trees for Gateshead, Newcastle (2) and Ramsbottom Mastertons.

31 December 2017: 14 Life Stories of Mastertons killed in the Great War have been added. 15 more to complete. 20 December 2016: Two new trees "London" and "Stepney" added mainly from release of GRO Indices for Births and Deaths. 2 April 2016: New tree "Dundonald" added. 28 December 2013: Culross (2) tree merged into Culross tree. 27 December 2013: Torryburn tree merged into Culross tree. 7 April 2013: New source of Glasgow and Lanarkshire Poor Law Applications (foot of page). A new mini-tree Simcoe provided by Joe Petrelli. 8 February 2013: a new page for Robert Masterton of Bathgate, weaver and petty criminal. 19 January 2013: a new mini-tree labelled "Glasgow". 13 January 2013: a new page on James Frederick Masterton. 30 December 2012: new pages since August on James Masterton, Chindit and Prisoner of War; Henry John Watson Masterton, managing director of shipping company, Australia; Alexander Masterton, butcher in Larbert; James Masterton, shoemaker in Arbroath; Margaret Masterton, early shopkeeper in Edinburgh. 6 August 2012: new material on Bill Masterton, the Redbank Hermit, thanks to Mark Upton, great grandson. 22 July 2012: additional material from the Retours of Services of Heirs in Scotland. 10 March 2012: culmination of a big exercise in reviewing Census information and adding to the various trees. 16 December 2011: The incredible story of Bill Masterton, the "Redbank Hermit". 27 November 2011: The two Bathgate trees combined on basis of 1851 census stating Robert Masterton's birthplace as Ratho. A new tree introduced of Newcastle Mastertons (originating in Edinburgh and then Dundee); 12 November 2011: New pages, all with Australian connections, for Charles Smart Masterton (a truly intrepid survival story), and of David Masterton of Melbourne, and Robert Alexander Masterton and David Alexander Masterton of Culross Mastertons. 15 October 2011: A new page for Alexander Masterton, flesher in Montrose. A new page for Robert Raynor Masterton, banker. 30 September 2011: Robert Maisterton references in a 1946 historical novel about the life of Francis, Earl of Bothwell by Jan Westcott. William Masterton from Culross in a bizarre report that I was tempted not to share with the world!. 2 September 2011: From a download of British Library online newspapers, a number of additions including David Masterton, teacher and lunatic. 30 August 2011: Inspired by a visit to Culloden, and the purchase of the Jacobite Muster Roll, a new page for Mastertons at War. 9 June 2011: A new page for Wiescka Masterton (ms Walach). 30 May 2011: A new page of Scottish Births not yet allocated. 7 May 2011: Most of the Mastertons in the 1911 Scotland Census have been allocated to one of the 17 trees affected. 1 May 2011: The curious case of William Pioneer Mackay Masterton. 28 March 2011: New pages for Napoleonic Wars and Alexander Herbert Hume Masterton. 20 February 2011: A new page of Strays from Scottish OPR Marriages. 17 February 2011: A new page for John Edward Masterton of Guernsey, drowned at sea. 31 December 2010: A visit to the National Archives of Scotland has led to additions to the Bothkennar tree, now 11 generations. 27 November 2010: A new page for David Masterton, trader with the Netherlands in 1499. 26 November 2010: A new page for Robert Masterton, ransomed during the War of Scottish Independence, 1300. 14 November 2010: New information added about Thomas and Robert Masterton, quartermasters in the Scots Brigade, Holland 1597-1620; 27 October 2010: Cramond and Edinburgh trees combined through Robert Masterton. 15 October 2010: A new page for Robert Masterton, a customs tacksman in 1631 accused and cleared of unlawful seizing of priestly vestments. New page for William Masterton, a sailor caught up in the Earl of Argyll's rebellion in 1685; 11 October 2010: New page for Andrew Masterton of Kirkcaldy, skipper and smuggler. 4 October 2010: New pages for Gilbert Masterton, killed in World War I, John Masterton of Easter Grange and Ronald Masterton of Bad. 4 September 2010: New pages for Pitreavie, Kirkton and Muirton. 19 August 2010: New pages for Archibald Masterton, skipper in Leith and Robert Masterton of Beath. 16 August 2010: New pages for Alexander Masterton and Robert Masterton of Parkmill. 1 August 2010: A splendid photograph of Ann Stark Masterton sent in by Shelagh. Margaret Masterton's page extended and a new page for Bothkennar. 7 June 2010: A new page for Margaret Masterton, Mistress Nurse to Prince Henry Frederick of Scotland, 1594. 1 May 2010: Cramond and Dunfermline (2) trees combined through common link of Jean Sim, married to James Masterton, and aunt of Henrietta Sim. 16 April 2010: A new page of Masterton Strays. 14 April 2010: Grange and Linlithgow trees combined through link of Robert Masterton, merchant in Linlithgow, buried in Culross West Kirkyard, 2 Nov 1650. 12 March 2010: Bessie Masterton, burned as a witch! Paisley tree merged into Ayrshire tree. A new Inverkeithing tree split out from unlinked records. Many additions to family trees, especially to Edinburgh, and Dunfermline (3). William Masterton emigrant from Brixton to Jamaica in 1919. 31 December 2009: A page of links added. Bathgate (2) and Uphall trees combined. New Edinburgh (2) tree introduced. 3 October 2009: Thanks to info from Richard Masterton and Elaine Jefferson, the Dumfries tree has been considerably expanded to include descendants in Canada and Australia. 7 June 2009: A re-formatting of Mastertons in Print to organise individual histories in family tree groups. Many new references, mainly from the Scotsman Archives. Dollar Academy archivist has provided some background material, and a photograph, of William Masterton, arithmetic teacher. 22 March 2009: A timeline to link historic events in Scotland with Mastertons. 15 March 2009: A new page on Masterton, near Newbattle; Some more colourful characters added - William Masterton, bigamist; William Masterton, resetter and outlaw; Adam Masterton, pilot; Robert Nicol Masterton, drowning victim; John Masterton, Inspector of Mines; 14 February 2009: A new page on Masterton's Yards and Close. 1 February 2009: A new page on Mastertons Beath. JM Webster's typescript notes added to the estate of Masterton. 25 January 2009: Three new pages using information from the Scotsman Archives - Peter Masterton, watchmaker and convict; Alexander Masterton, civil engineer and gas manager; Alexander Masterton, minister.