Masterton's Yards and Close

Masterton's Yards and Close

Edinburgh, Scotland

Masterton's Yards and Close

Plan of central Edinburgh. MASTERTON name added by David Masterton, Whippany, New Jersey

Boog Watson: Notes on Edinburgh

Charles Brodie Boog Watson: Manuscript Notes in 15 Volumes from Edinburgh City Library, 1922-47. Masterton mentions researched and photocopied by David Masterton.

Ann. Roll. - Roll of Landlords and Tenants in Edinburgh to be taxed for the Annuity of the Clergy.
M.T.C. - Minutes of Town Council of Edinburgh
M.B.C.C. - Moses Bundle of papers, arranged by him. Kept in City Chambers. Bundle & No.

Definitions and Shorthand:
forgains - adjacent to
fute - foot
minr - minister
relict - surviving spouse
tent - tenement - tall building with multiple occupancy
umq. - abbreviation of "umquhile" - "the late"
w. - wife; s. - son; hr. - heir; drs. - daughters br. germ. - brother german
sd - said
md. - married
mt. - merchant; B. - Burgess
S.S. - south side; N.S. - north side
deinde (L) - thereafter
olim (L) - formerly
postea (L) - afterwards

Vol 2, page 78

Maisterston's Cl. and Yards S.S. Cowgate. The heirs of Geo. Maistertone owned all the close. (Ann. Roll.137) Identified as Kincaid's Cl. Robert Pollok had a bowling green in Mastertoun's Yards, forgains the fute of the Kirkheugh. (M.T.C. 10/6/1664). [see also] Vol. 6 p.110.

Vol 6, page 110

Mastertoun's Yairds. The casting of faile (divot, turf) for Robert Pollock his bowling green in Mastertoun's yairds forgains the fute of the Kirkheugh, granted to him from the Foirmure or Bruntsfield Lynks (M.T.C. 10/6/1664). It seems that this had been allowed by John Straiton, and the sward was not yet grown. Straiton therefore is summoned as tacksman, to appear next Friday, and to be prohibited from allowing any part of the Foirmure to be casten or tirrd by any person without special licence. (M.T.C. 14/6/1664).
Mr. Robert Bruce, minr in Edinburgh, occupied house in Cowgate owned by Cathreine Geills, relict of Gilbert Maistertoun. (M.T.C. 14/3/1600)
George Maistertone's heirs, in Maistertone's [Kincaid's] Cl. S.S. Cowgate (Ann. roll. 137) [see also] p.125

Vol 6, page 125

Mastertoun's Yards from p 110. and Close (Kincaid's)
For Wm Castillaw, apothecary & w. Catherine Masterton. Inner tent of umq. Hugh Chapman, deinde of umq. John Earl of Mar, and by him sold to umq. Gilbert Masterton, mt., and sold by his s. George Masterton to Mr Samuel Tailliepheir, adv. S.S. Cowgate, and by sd Mr Samuel Tailliepheir resigned, with consent of his w. Margaret Young, and of Jonet, Katherine, & Marion, drs. of sd George Masterton. Resigned by sd. Wm. Castillaw to self & w. (A.G.9. 31/8/1644)
[Robert Mastertown, had dr., who md Wm Thomson, yor mt. They acquired backlands of George Home, portioner of Gulane, & his w. Jean Howiesone, S.S. Grassmkt. (A.G.9 20/12/1644).
[Robert Masterton's w. seems to have been Christian, sister & hr. of Michael Hunter, mt. They had property N.S. High St. (A.K.2 23/3/1650).
For James Inglis of Inglistoun, s. & h. of Alexr. Inglis of Rottinraw, B., and for James Belscheis br. germ. of umq. John Belscheis of Toftis, adv., tent olim of umq. Thomas Fleyming s. & h. of umq. George Fleyming, now of George Home of Broxmouth, S.S. Cowgate, between tent olim of umq. Walter Chepman, now of Hugo Brown and lands of Gilbert Maistertoun on W.S. of ...... now of John Anderson and yards olim of ...... on E/Public St. [Cowgate] on N./ Transe or passage lying near Collegiate Church of Virgin Mary in Campis and Lands of Robert Morton on S. (A.G.4 21/12/1633).
For Wm Castellaw, apothecary, and his w. Katherine Maisterton, Yard lying within lands or tent of umq. Thomas Fleyming, between transe or passage leading "ad portam Mariae Virginis de Campis [Horse Wynd] on E./ Yard of heirs of umq. Gilbert Maistertoun on W./ Two dwelling houses of James Belscheis on N./N. part of yard, olim of umq, Robert Mortoun, now of the Deacon & Brethren of the cordiners of sd. Burgh on S./ ...... which land or tent of sd. umq. Thomas Fleyming lies S.S. Cowgait, between tent of umq Walter Chepman, deinde of umq. Hugh Brown and lands of umq. Gilbert Maistertoun on W./ of ...... deinde of umq. John Anderson, and yairds of umq. ...... on E./ Kowgait on N. and common transe or passage near the Kirkafeild and lands of sd. umq. Robert Mortoun on S. Disponed by James Belscheis (A.G.6. 12/2/1642) Ann Roll 129 137
For George Maistertoun s. & h. of George M. mt B. [30/11/1614 by W. Margaret dr. to Mr George Young] inner tent of umq. Hugh Chopman, s. & h. of Wm C., postea of umq. John (5th or 6th) Earl of Mar, and by him alienate to umq. Gilbert Maistertoun mt [tailor, B. 31/7/1573] S.S. Cowgate. (W.H.1 17/3/1636)[see also] Vol 14 p155

Vol 14, page 155

Maistertouns Close & Yards from Vol. 6 p. 125 (Kincaid's Cl)
For George Maisterton, br & hr. of James M. mt, & future w. Margaret (dr. of Mr. George Young). (B & G. by her 30/11/1614) Inner tent of land olim of Walter Chepman, John Earl of Mar, & umq. Gilbert Maistertoun, successively, S.S. Cowgate. (A.G.19.260 12/8/1612).
For James Maistertoun, br. of Gilbert M. mt., and Andrew Creich, mt., tent of sd. Gilbert, S.S. Cowgate, resigned by him (J.M.), his w. Katharine Gedes, & their s. James. (A.G. 12.16 8/6/1599)
For Katherine Geddes, relict of Gilbert Maistertoun, mt., and James M. s.& h. of sd. Gilbert tent now of sd. James M. & Andrew Creich, mt S.S. Cowgate, resigned by sd. James M. and Andrew C. (AG. 13.156 17/7/1601).
For James M. s.& h. of umq. Gilbert M. mt., fr's tent S.S. Cowgate (AG. 14.130. 24/6/1603) [see also] Vol 15. p.13

Vol 15, page 13

Masterton's Close (Kincaid's) from Vol 14 p. 155

Gilbert Maisterton, tailor or mt B. as p. to Malcolm Maklellane 31/7/1573 George mt B. 30/11/1614 by w. Margaret, dr. to Mr. George Young. George

George Maistertoun s. & hr. of George M. mt. B. inherited from sd. fr. tent olim of umq. Hew Chopman, s. & h. of umq. Wm. C, deinde of John Earl of Mar, Lord Erskin, and sold by him to umq. Gilbert Maistertoun, mt. B. guidfather to sd. George M. S.S. Kings High St. of the Cowgait, betwix fore tent thereof or N/Lands of umq. Robert Mortoun on E/Town [Flodden] Wall on S/lands of umq. Wm Halkerston on W/ Also that yard of sd Wm Halkerstoun, deinde of Wm Craik, postea of umq. Archd Scrymgeor and Mr. Michael Chisholme, with the houses within the yeard. Which yeard was sold by sd Mr. Michael Chisholme to sd. umq. Gilbert Maistertoun, lying within lands and tents of sd. umq. Wm Halkerstoun, S.S. Cowgait, betwix yeardes of sd. back tent olim of sd umq. Earl of Mar, postea of umq. Gilbert Maistertoun, on E./yards of umq. John Adamson on W./ Town Wall on S./ lands, wall, and to fall of foresaid land of sd. umq. Archd. Scrymgeour on N. (M.B.C.C. XVI.666. 28/6/1636)