Ranald Masterton (c1550-c1610)

Ranald Masterton (c1550-c1610)

of Bad

Ranald Masterton appears in a number of early charters involving land transactions for lands in and around Culross, now in Fife, but then in Perthshire. The transaction involving the lands of Keir is not referred to in any of the early genealogies.


Ranald Masterton was a son of Alexander Masterton and Janet Couston. He married Marjorie Bruce, and inherited the tenancy of the lands of Parkmill. Fuller details of Ranald's extended family can be found at this link.


Papers of the Bruce Family of Kennet, Clackmannanshire


13 May 1581.

Instrument bearing that Archibald Bruce as Tutor, and administrator in law, for Robert Bruce, son of him and Margaret Bruce, daughter and heir of the deceased Robert Bruce of Wester Kennet, having compeared within the parish kirk of Clackmannan, and caused read an Instrument of warning, made to John Shaw son and heir of the deceased Patrick Shaw in Tullicultrie, to receive the sum of 280 merks for the redemption of certain lands mentioned in the said Instrument of Warning, and the said John Shaw not being personally present, the said sum was consigned by him in the hands of David Bruce of the Green

Witnesses Ronald Masterton of Baad, David Bruce of Bracheburne, Gilbert Coustoun in Clackmannan, Alexexander Courstoun in Aihess, Andrew Stewart of Gartlie, and Gilbert Blyth

Papers of the Bruce Family of Kennet, Clackmannanshire
National Archives of Scotland
Instrument, 13 May 1581

Register of the Great Seal of Scotland


699. Apud Halyruidhous, 30 May, 1584.

REX confirmavit cartam Joannis com. de Mar dom. Erskin &c., [qua, pro perimpletione contractus de data apud Striviling, 7 Oct. 1582, cum consensu curatorum suorum pro eorum interesse, pro 1000 marcis sibi persolutis, vendidit JACOBO ALSCHINDER in Menstrie, heredibus ejus et assignatis quibuscunque, annuum redditum 100 marc. de terris suis de Langcars (per Hucheonem Millar occupat.), in baronia de Allouay, vic. Clakmannane : REDDEND. dicto Jo. unum den. albe firme : cum precepto sasine directo Ronaldo Maistertoun : TEST. Rob. Porterfeild de Chapeltoun, Jac. Cunnynghame, Hen. Balfour, M. Jac. Erskin, servitoribus dicti Jo., Jo. Murray de Twchadan, Jo. Muschett clerico vicecomitatus de Striviling : Apud Striviling, 8 Oct. 1582] : INSUPER voluit quod dicta confirmatio adeo esset effectualis sicut ante quodlibet crimen lese majestatis per dictum com. commissum data esset : TEST. ut in aliis cartis &c. xxxv. 929.

The Register of the Great Seal of Scotland
John Maitland Thomson(ed)
AD 1580-93
HM General Register House
p. 215
Edinburgh, 1888

Culross Abbey and its Charters

Charge of the Temporality of Kirklands. (relative to Annexation of Benefices to the Crown in the year 1587).

The Act of Parliament of 26th July 1587 for the Annexatioun of the Temporalities of the Benefices to the Crown, ruled that all the revenue of the Church be annexed to the Crown, on the ground that the Crown had been greatly hurt and impoverished in past times by the gift of the greatest part of its proper patrimony to the Abbeys, Monasteries and Clergy, and that the necessity for such disposition had ceased.


29. Feu-farm of lands of Easter Grange and pendicles thereof called Devoly, set in feu to Adam Maistertoun . . . . 11 0 0
capons 16
wedder sheep 1

50. Feu-duty of lands of Bad, set in feu to Alexander Maistertoun:.... 5 6 8
poultry, 16
kids, 2 (or 6/8 apiece)
augmentation 1 6 8

51. Feu-duty of great and small coal in the bounds of lands of Bad, set in feu to Ronald Maistertoun, fiar of Bad: ....6 13 4

Register of the Great Seal of Scotland


837. Apud Halierudhous, 20 Jan, 1598/99.

REX concessit EDUARDO BROUN filio et heredi quondam Joannis B. in Ferrietoun, et KATHERINE YOUNGER ejus conjugi, terras de Keir (intra bondas specificatas), in dominio de Culros, vic. de Perth ; quas Ranaldus Maistertoun de Bad resignavit : INSUPER rex ratificavit infeofamenta per commendatarium de Culros dicto Ronaldo ejusque predecessoribus et autoribus desuper facta; et, pro bono servitio dicti Eduardi, ac pro pecuniarum sumniis persolutis, dictas terras dictis personis de novo ad feudifirmam dimisit, cum earum carbonibus que nunquam in feudifirma prius locabantur: TENEND. dictis Ed. et Kath. in vitali redditu, et heredibus inter eos legitime procreatis, quibus deficientibus, heredibus et assignatis dicti Ed. quibuscunque : REDDEND. 3 mercas, et sex pultreas, cum arreagio, carreagio et divoriis consuet., cum 13 sol. 4 den. antique augmentationis, et 10 sol. nove augmentationis ; necnon 3 sectas ad 3 placita capitalia dicti monast.; et pro carbonibus 3 sol. 4 den.; necnon duplicando feudifirmam in introitu heredum : TEST. ut in aliis cartis &c. xli. 502.

The Register of the Great Seal of Scotland
John Maitland Thomson(ed)
AD 1593-1608
HM General Register House
p. 273
Edinburgh, 1890