Robert Masterton (fl 1631)

Robert Masterton (fl 1631)

Customs Tacksman

Robert Masterton is mentioned in the Registers of the Privy Council in 1631 as a tacksman of HM Customs.


Still working on it. Sir George Ogilvie was a landowner in Bamff, near Alyth in Perthshire, (not Banff in Morayshire) and there are a number of Mastertons known to have lived in the Alyth area, but as yet no Robert Masterton has been found in the Old Parish Records.

Register of the Privy Council of Scotland

Second Series, Vol IV. 1630-32.

21 June 1631, Holyrood House

Complaint by Sir George Ogilvie of Banff [sic] against certain tacksmen of his Majesty's customs who had arrested some priestly vestments belonging to the complainer.

Complaint by Sir George Ogilvie of Bamff, as follows : " His pre- decessours in the tyme of poprie and blindnesse, having at thair awne charges and expenses caused make some vestiments for the preests that served in thair chappellis and at thair altars, and at the alteratioun of the religioun within this kingdome the preests who had the keeping of thir vestiments finding that they had no forder use thairof and that they durst not avow the having of the same, they delyvered thame to the compleaners umquhill goodshir be whome during his whole tyme and thereafter be his lait father during his tyme they were carefullie and closelie keeped, and verie few or none knew of thame ; and when the compleaner come to the administratioun of his effaires and living, finding thir vestments in his hous and in a closse locked truncke he had manie questiouns and doubts with himselfe what to doe with thame; and in end he concludit that the keeping thairof wes dangerous both to himselfe and to others if they come in the hands of persouns suspect in religioun; and thairfoir he resolved to send them out of the countrie to be sauld. And having delyvered thame to Mr James Strauchane and committed the trust of the selling thairof to him, and he having done his endeavoure thairin and finding no mercat for thame beyond sea, he sent thame backe againe in ane truncke to this countrie ; and soone after they wer sett ashoare the customers seized upon thame, tooke thame to the custome hous, where they have beene keeped this long tyme bygane." Charge having been given to John and Robert Fleeming and Robert Maistertoun, tacksmen of his Majesty's Customs, to compear before the Lords to receive order to deliver up the said vestments to the said Mr. James Strauchane, who appeared for the pursuer, and the said John Fleeming also being present, Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall, King's Advocate, for his Majesty's interest "protested that seing the clothes lybellit are popish and prohibite be the Acts of Parliament and lawes of this kingdome, especiallie be ane Act made in the 1587 yeere of God, and be another Act made in the 1592 yeere of God, that thairfoir they do apperteane to his Majestie." The Lords having heard parties, assoilzie the defenders from this pursuit, and ordain "the cloathes and vestiments foresaids to be cutted, and his Majesteis Thesaurar to dispone thairupon to the best availl for his Majesteis use."

The Register of the Privy Council of Scotland
P Hume Brown (ed)
Second Series, Vol IV, 1630-32
p 247
HM General Register House
Edinburgh, 1902