Earlier Genealogies

Earlier Genealogies

The Masterton family history has the benefit of three earlier genealogies constructed by respected researchers. Each successive one updated and corrected the earlier genealogies. This researcher, although far less respected, cannot resist the opportunity to do the same. The list of Early Mastertons given below is my attempt to build on the earlier genealogies with new information that has come to light on Mastertons up to the end of the 16th Century.

In 1798, Sir Robert Douglas of Glenbervie published a genealogy of Mastertons of that Ilk in his 'Baronage of Scotland'. Later genealogists identified certain flaws. In Crawfurd's 'Memorials of the Parish of Alloa' (1874) a genealogy of the Mastertons of Parkmill is incorporated, or corrected, in the later genealogies by Stodart and Paton.

In 1878, the Depute Lyon King of Arms, R.R. Stodart, wrote a caustic critique of the two earlier pedigrees, although he fails to identify what appears to be an error or an invention of Douglas that John Masterton, husband of Grizel Mure in 1528, was the son of Alexander Masterton. The 1528 Charter in the Register of the Great Seal does not support this.

In 1893, Victor A. Noel Paton published the Masterton Papers for the Scottish History Society, and took the opportunity to print his own version of the early Masterton pedigree, and to comment on the earlier versions in his Introduction.

Some of the Masterton trees on this site also extend back to the 16th century. The trees labelled Bothkennar, Edinburgh (2), Grange & Beath, Kirkcaldy, and Parkmill all include 16th century Mastertons (in the case of Bothkennar, 15th Century). Links to the earliest Mastertons in these trees are also included in the chronological list below.

Where succeeding entries have a known family link, these are noted (eg "Hugo, father of William"). Other names are simply listed chronologically as they appear in the records, following the same practice adopted by previous genealogists.

Early Mastertons

(Regesta Regum Scottorum. The Acts of Robert I, 234 AAM Duncan.)
William of Masterton is a witness to a charter that Duncan deduces must predate 1236. If well before 1236, it is likely that William predates Hugo.
(Reg. de Dun. pp. 87, 99, 109, 112)
These charters dated approx 1225-1231 and 1230-1240 are witnessed by William de Maistertun.
II. 1230-bef 1272 HUGO DE MAYSTERTUN (de Villa Magistri), father of William (III.)
(Registrum de Dunfermelyn, Bannatyne Club, pp. 98 and 215.) Stodart gives the date of Hugo as about 1250. He died before 1272.
III. 1272-1296 WILLIAM DE MAISTERTUN, son of Hugo (II.)
(Reg. de Dun., pp.52, 53, 215, 216; Calendar of Documents relating to Scotland, Vol. ii. p.188; Do.(Ragman Roll), p.201; Laing's Seals, Vol. ii, p.117)
Arms: -  Seal attached to homage deed ; device, a lion rampant, a rose in front.  S.  Willi De Maistertun (Calendar of Documents, as above).
IV. 1270-1300 ROBERTI 'dicti' MAISTERSONE
(Calendar of Documents relating to Scotland, Vol. ii. p.301; Documents illustrative of the History of Scotland, pp.424-7)
Robert Maistersone was a hostage in Carlisle Castle from September 1298 to September 1300, when he was liberated. He had probably been captured at the Battle of Falkirk, July 1298.
(Reg. de Dun., pp. 235, 236)
(Calendar of Documents, vol. iii.  pp. 340 and 387, where, in Accounts of 1335-36-37, lands near Haddington are described as 'in manu Regis per forisfacturam Willelmi de Maisterton.')
(Reg. de Dun., p.260. Simon of Maysterton is referred to in a charter of 1339, in which he witnesses the resignation of the lands of Wythker to Dunfermline Abbey by Alan de Lybirton.)
(RRS, Vol VI, p 528)
John of Masterton resigns lands of Pitreavie to William Grimslaw in 1358. This John could be the same as IX.
IX. c. 1419 JOHN DE MAISTERTUN, father of William (X.)
(Reg. de Dun. p.282).
X. 1419-1424 WILLIAM DE MAISTERTUN, son of John (IX.), possibly father of John (XI.), 'Dominus de Dalis'.2
(Reg. de Dun. pp. 281-282; also Notarially certified copy charter mentioned in Paton's Introduction.)

Arms: -  Per fess, gules and argent, in chief a crescent of the second, in base a chevron of the first, impaling, argent, an eagle displayed, sable, beaked and membered gu. Seal appended to charter of 1422, as given on copy referred to in Introduction.
William de Mastretoun, possibly the same William as X., was Rector of the Kirk of Ballingry in 1424 then succeeded by his son,
XI. 1424-1478 JOHN DE MASTRETOUN, son of William (X.)
XII. before 1445 JOHN DE MAISTERTOUN, Dominus, and benefactor of Cambuskenneth
Chartulary of Cambuskenneth, Grampian Club, p. 310, gives Dominus Johannes de Maistertoun (a monk?), who appears to have predeceased 1445.The same charter is signed by W. Maistertoun (XIII) of Cambuskenneth Monastery.
XIII. 1445 W. MAISTERTOUN, monk of Cambuskenneth
Chartulary of Cambuskenneth, Grampian Club, p. 311, lists the signatories of the charter referred to above, one of whom is W. Maistertoun of Cambuskenneth Monastery.
XIV. 1460-1508 DUNCAN MASTERTON in Bothkennar.
One of the two earliest Mastertons in the Bothkennar line
XV. 1460-1508 JOHN MASTERTOUN in Bothkennar.
One of the two earliest Mastertons in the Bothkennar line
XVI. 1471 THOMAS MASTERTON, canon of Cambuskenneth
Acts of Lords Auditors of Causes and Complaints p16.
XVII. 1488-1516 WILLIAM MAISTERTUN, Burgess of Dunfermline
(The Burgh records of Dunfermline, transcribed from the original manuscript volume courts, sasines, etc., 1488-1584 edited by Erskine Beveridge. William Mastirtone appears many times as a member of assizes betweeen 1488 and 1516, by which time he was also the sergeant of the burgh.)
(RMS 1424-1513, HM General Register House, No. 2141; RSS I 1488-1529, HMGRH, No. 183)
Robert Masterton is witness to a charter in 1491 for the acquisition of lands in Saline, Fife, by David Haliburton. John, Abbot of Culross, was a fellow witness. In 1498 he is mentioned in a precept of remission, having suffered from the "reif of a kow".
(Acts of Lords of Council in Civil Causes, Vol I, p.304)
"12th October 1493: Before ye lords of Consale comperit Archibald Maistertoun Sumond at ye king's Instance 't pteftit pt becaus he wes sumond to swear to our sovereign Lord for certain Injury that na ma comperand to pfew hi pt perfore t c."
(Acts of Lords of Council in Civil Causes, Vol II, p.269)
"13th July 1498. Ramsay of Redy. Murray. Protestation: John of Murray, burgess of Stirling, protested because Henry Ramsay and Archibald Ramsay, as procurators for John Ramsay of Redy and Janet Maistertoun, summoned him but failed to insist."
(Ledger of Andrew Halyburton)
David Masterton is mentioned in the Ledger of Andrew Halyburton, conservator of the privileges of the Scotch Nation in the Netherlands, in a transaction dated 1499.
(RMS 1424-1513, HM General Register House, No. 2971)
David Masterton is mentioned in a charter in 1506 as "sindicus", or advocate, for Culross Monastery, and in 1520 as one of the monks of Culross Abbey.
(NAS Papers of the Leslie Family, Earls of Leven and Melville)
Robert Masterton is mentioned as the victim of John Moultrie of Seafield who had been outlawed for his slaughter and was the subject of a bond in December 1526.
The earliest known Masterton in the Grange line.
XXV. c. 1539 ANDREW MASTERTON carver and pattern-maker.
(Accounts of Lord High Treasurer of Scotland. vol. 7;)
"The expensis disbursit upon the munitions fra the said xj day of October to the vij day of November inclusive.
Item, gevin to Andreis Mastertoun, carvour, for making and carving of vij patronis to the gunnis witht lyoun heidis and flour de lices of tre, xl s."
The earliest known Masterton in the Parkmill line.
XXVII. c. 1547 JOHN MASTERTON master-gunner.
(Accounts of Lord High Treasurer of Scotland. vol. 9; Council Register of Aberdeen, Spalding Club, p257.)
John Masterton was a master-gunner at the time of the "Rough Wooing" and the Battle of Pinkie.
XXVIII. fl. 1555-67 ROBERT MASTERTON of Beath.
The earliest known Masterton in the Beath limb of the Grange and Beath line.
XXIX. c. 1562 ROBERT MASTERTON, brother of Culross Abbey.
(Register of the Privy Seal of Scotland, Vol v.)
XXX. c. 1573-94 GILBERT MASTERTON, tailor and burgess of Edinburgh.
(Register of the Privy Seal of Scotland, Vol vii. Roll of Edinburgh Burgesses. Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, Vol xxi. Calendar of State Papers Relating to Scotland, Vol ii.)
The earliest known Masterton in the Edinburgh (2) line.
XXXI. c. 1585 ROBERT MASTERTON, subscriber to a bond in Kirkcaldy.
(Register of the Privy Council of Scotland, Vol iv.)
The earliest known Masterton in the Kirkcaldy line.