Alexander Herbert Hume Masterton (1915- )

Alexander Herbert Hume Masterton (1915-)

Chartered Accountant

Alexander Herbert Hume Masterton was a son of the manse, and his father was Alexander Masterton. He became an investment fund manager, and was mentioned in the city pages of national broadsheets in connection with various enterprises.


Alexander Masterton was the second son of Alexander Masterton, minister at Dunscore, and Margaret Bain Bow, who were married in 1911 in Paisley. They belong to the very large family of Mastertons traced back to Culross. A fuller genealogy of the extended family of Alexander Herbert Hume Masterton can be found at this link.

MASTERTON.- On Oct. 11, 1950, to JOYCE BARBARA, wife of A. HERBERT H. MASTERTON - a son.

The Times
16th October, 1950


Preliminary details of a merger between two unit trusts were announced last night. Arrangements are being made for the transfer of the management of Community Unit Trust (Cupids) from Community Units (Participating in Industrial Development) to Unicorn Securities.

The chairman of Cupids management company is Mr. A. H. H. Masterton, founder of and a major shareholder in Federal Consolidated Investments. Mr. Edward du Cann, M.P., is managing director of Unicorn Securities, managers of the Unicorn and Falcon unit trusts. The transfer arrangements have the full approval of Martins Bank, the trustee.

When the transfer has been completed, trust funds under the management of Unicorn Securities will total some 19m. and unit holders will exceed 160,000, of whom some 60,000 are believed to be Cupids holders.

Commenting on the new arrangements, Mr. du Cann said yesterday: "We are glad to take over responsibility for managing Cupids. The portfolio of investments is sound. We have always set a high standard of management practice and procedure, and unit holders of Cupids can be assured that their interests will be well looked after."

It should be made clear that there is no financial connexion between Cupids and Federal Consolidated Investments, which in its turn is understood to be the subject of take-over negotiations for quite different reasons. Federal Consolidated, through its chief operating subsidiary, Masterton Finance, is believed to have incurred losses on hire-purchase business.

The Times
14th December, 1960