Masterton Strays

As the family trees grow, the number of unallocated Mastertons diminishes. Finding homes for these strays in one of the established trees is always a very satisfying breakthrough. The following lists contain some of the Masterton strays who appear in the records. Any thoughts on where these individuals and families might belong would be warmly received.

Scottish Statutory Register Marriages


Source: - Search results of Male Statutory Marriages using M*ST*R*N*. There are 3 Masterton names listed below out of a total of 445 Statutory Marriages. All others have been allocated to a tree.

Year Surname Forename Father Mother Spouse Name District County GROS Data
1870 Masterton Charles Charles Margaret Simpson Wilson Gibson St Andrew Angus 282/04/0218
1898 Masterton John John Isabella White Sarah Cook St Giles Midlothian 685/04/0147
1887 Masterton Thomas William Mary Evans Sarah Jane Cairns Canongate Midlothian 685/03/0230