Masterton Strays

As the family trees grow, the number of unallocated Mastertons diminishes. Finding homes for these strays in one of the established trees is always a very satisfying breakthrough. The following lists contain some of the Masterton strays who appear in indices of the records, but are not yet allocated (and paying for all of the certificates would be rather expensive!). Any information on where these individuals might belong would be warmly received. Sometimes, the reason why births have not been allocated to trees is that the child died in infancy and never appeared on a Census. Some of those most likely associations from the Index of Deaths deduced from age at year of death are noted in the final column.

New Zealand Births


The only four unlinked Masterton births in the New Zealand records are almost certainly misrecorded "Mastersons". The Masterson records of the same family group are listed below to draw your own conclusions.

A Thomas Masterson died in 1874, aged 70 years. A Mary Masterson died in 1898, aged 70 years. There are no credible "Masterton" deaths that would match the likely parents.

Where there are marriages and deaths listed in the table below, these are "Masterson" events.

Sources: - Search results of Masterton Births.

Year Family Name Given Name Father's Given Name Mother's Given Name Registration Married Died
1849 Masterton Ann Thomas Mary 1629 1866 1922
1850 Masterton Thomas Thomas Mary 552
1852 Masterson Catherine Thomas Mary 1875 1929
1854 Masterton Margaret Thomas Mary 1923 1870 1926
1857 Masterson Edward Thomas Mary 1859
1858 Masterton Jane Thomas Mary 3805 1875 1914
1860 Masterson James Thomas Mary 1861
1864 Masterson Francis Caulfield Thomas Mary 1865
1867 Masterson William Thomas Mary 1915