Masterton Strays

As the family trees grow, the number of unallocated Mastertons diminishes. Finding homes for these strays in one of the established trees is always a very satisfying breakthrough. The following lists contain some of the Masterton strays who appear in indices of the records, but are not yet allocated (and paying for all of the certificates would be rather expensive!). Any information on where these individuals might belong would be warmly received.

Australian Deaths


Sources: (1788-1978); (1829-1964);;; - Search results of Masterton Deaths.

Year Last Name Given Name Father's Given Name Mother's Given Name Age District Registration
1889 Masterton Ellen William Bridget Hay, NSW 6827
1891 Masterton Mary John Eliza Woollahra, NSW 16059
1902 Masterton Arthur Nellie Glebe, NSW 13693
1904 Masterton Edward "61 YEARS MANLY" M.., NSW 13707
1907 Masterton Anthony Patrick Kathrine Broken Hill, NSW 8284
1910 Masterton Gertrude Richard Gertrude Paddington, NSW 10573
1910 Masterton Gertrude M Albert E Mary A Sydney, NSW 11907
1925 Masterton Martin John Ann Granville, NSW 6350
1928 Masterton John Michael Julia Walget.., NSW 13377
1933 Masterton Edward Michael Eliza West Wy.., NSW 2397
1935 Masterton Roy "20 YRS HOSP" NSW 22740
1945 Masterton Margaret Samuel Elizabeth Auburn,NSW 14506
1952 Masterton Christina Ellen "82 YEARS PADDINGTON" P.., NSW 18278
1960 Masterton David Andrew John Richard Maureen Mary S.., NSW 10178
1960 Masterton Edith William Mary Ann N.., NSW 26626
1960 Masterton Catherine Michael Ellen S.., NSW 10407
1962 Masterton Ethel Selena M "79 YEARS" Strathfield B.., NSW 24666
1966 Masterton Brett Kenneth Forbes Brenda May W.., NSW 21268
1972 Masterton Ethel Joseph Jane NSW 63323
1974 Masterton George "DIED KINGS CROSS" "070" NSW 485
1975 Masterton Sophie Albert Bridget NSW 13287
1980 Masterton Ross David Alwyn David Sue NSW
1982 Masterton Florence Louise William Thomas Margaret Mary NSW
1894 Masterton James James Masterton Elizabeth Campbell Queensland 2996
1914 Masterton Michael Matthew Masterton Julia Welsh Queensland 19805
1957 Masterton Maria Muir David Waterston Janet Muir Queensland 1236
1860 Masterton William John Jane not stated Bee.., Victoria 6062
1864 Masterton Edward Margaret Masterton 12 Victoria 8603
1866 Masterton Edward William U Lond.., Victoria 3359
1876 Masterton William Eccles George Picke.. Mary Lynch Emer.., Victoria 3618
1881 Masterton Margaret Unknown Melb Hosp., Victoria 8147
1897 Masterton Mary Ann Wm Howe Susanna Pavitt S Y.., Victoria 3172
1908 Masterton Jno Unknown Unknown 84 Kilmore, Victoria 14119
1915 Masterton Wm Unknown Unknown 72 Sunbury, Victoria 32306
1939 Masterton James James Masterton Margt Ellen Larkins Melbourne, Victoria 10939
1940 Masterton Thos Jas Masterton Kleen Unknown Cham.., Victoria 5527
1950 Masterton Wm James James Helen Larkin R Park, Victoria 8879
1957 Masterton Janet William Moore Janet Gillies Myrt.., Victoria 15148
1959 Masterton Jeanette William Cullen Jeanette Fraser Victoria 15148
1973 Masterton Unnamed F Lee Anne Masterton Victoria 16432
1976 Masterton Elsie May Thomas Miller Julia Anne Hackett Victoria 28738
1913 Masterton William H Perth, Western Australia 491
1918 Masterton John L Perth, Western Australia 245
1944 Masterton Alexander Pilbara, Western Australia 3