Masterton Strays

As the family trees grow, the number of unallocated Mastertons diminishes. Finding homes for these strays in one of the established trees is always a very satisfying breakthrough. The following lists contain some of the Masterton strays who appear in indices of the records, but are not yet allocated (and paying for all of the certificates would be rather expensive!). Any information on where these individuals might belong would be warmly received.

Australian Marriages


Sources: (1788-1958); (1829-1934);;; - Search results of Masterton Marriages.

Year Groom's Surname Groom's Given Name Bride's Last Name Bride's Given Name District Registration
1906 Masterton David Cullen Jeanette Corowa, NSW 4111
1908 Masterton James C Haines Margaret V Sydney, NSW 6909
1942 Masterton George D'Arney Georgina Gladys R.., NSW 6882
1949 Masterton George Mackeown Clare Enid Sydney, NSW 15518
1951 Masterton Kevin George Williams Della Joan Leeton, NSW 18326
1951 Masterton Alan Moore Bennett Elizabeth Kurri Kurri, NSW 21402
1952 Masterton George Raymond Meddows Patricia Alma P.., NSW 2485
1955 Masterton Barry O'Neil Sligar Allison Mary L.., NSW 23097
1859 Masterton William Watson Mary Ann Victoria 948
1912 Masterton Michael Woodford Mary Felton Ball't, Victoria 10214
1919 Masterton Francis Jno Leishman Jessie Allison Dorothy Victoria 639
1919 Masterton Jno Josh Gaden Alma Chtte Victoria 9327
1922 Masterton Walter Rieley Lena Caverley Victoria 10058
1933 Masterton Frederick Hare Dorothy Mabel Victoria 4616
1828 Hannam David Masterton Mary CI, NSW V1828771 12
1842 Read James Masterton Catherine CL, NSW V1842440 26C
1843 Woodlands James Masterton Mary LD, NSW V18431876 92
1846 Mills James Masterton Catharine CI, NSW V1846300 31C
1849 Proctor Samuel Masterton Elizabeth NC, NSW V1849315 34C
1875 Stokes William Masterton Annie Bombala, NSW 2034
1908 Fennell Frederick G J Masterton Annie Sydney, NSW 3385
1909 Jack Robert C Masterton Mary J Cooma.., NSW 7806
1912 Kelly William Masterton Jean T Sydney, NSW 8410
1920 Cameron Thomas L Masterton Margaret E Glebe, NSW 1519
1920 Le Page Edgar A Masterton Alice A Randwick, NSW 12707
1924 Amos Thomas F Masterton Sadie I Burwood, NSW 15784
1930 Hanneman William Masterton Heather G Balmain South, NSW 12188
1931 Fretwell Roger R Masterton Clarice L New Lambton, NSW 3739
1935 Winton Roy A Masterton Irene O Sydney, NSW 5485
1947 McGarrity John David Masterton Clara May Parramatta, NSW 28674
1951 Tunks Alan Keith Masterton Elaine Sophia North Sydney, NSW 17562
1953 Rees Alan Masterton Shirley Dorothy Boolaro, NSW 3787
1956 Bell George Masterton Irene Sydney, NSW 8191
1956 Smith Clifford Edward Masterton Nola Margaret Sydney, NSW 7821
1855 Farquharson John Masterton Elizabeth Victoria 3652
1874 Earl John Masterton Elizabeth Melbourne, Victoria 4598
1891 Foley James Masterton Emily Maria Emerald Hill, Victoria 1635
1896 Brown Hy Masterton Anastasia Veronica Inglewood, Victoria 7332
1898 Barrett Danl Masterton Margt CHill, Victoria 5186
1908 O'Gorman Francis Wm Masterton Margt Melbourne, Victoria 1154
1911 O'Leary Daniel Masterton Cath H'ton, Victoria 6744
1913 Ogilvie William James Masterton May Matlock, Victoria 3240
1916 O'Sullivan Wm Geo Jos Masterton Veronica Pearl Victoria 8870
1928 Macaulay Wm Alf Masterton Janet Isbla Victoria 6015
1930 Cock Saml Masterton Annie Victoria 10741