Adam Masterton (1506-87)

of Easter Grange

Adam Masterton of Easter Grange appears in the Register of the Great Seal of Scotland in 1586, although the original charter with his name appears to be dated 1548.


Adam Masterton is a member of one of the oldest (if not the oldest) of the branches of Mastertons. The Register of the Great Seal entry gives his wife's name as Agnes Boyd. Earlier in their married life they were reconciled after experiencing marital differences, and this reconciliation was observed and recorded in a very public way.  Fuller details of the extended family of Adam Masterton are given in the following link:

Miscellany of the Maitland Club

Volume III
Extracts from the Registers of the Kirk Session
of the City and Parish of St. Andrews, 1559-1563.

In ye Sessione of ye Superintendent of Fyff and ministrie of Sanctandrois haldyn within ye paroch Kyrk of ye citie of Sanctandrois upon ye xix day of August ye year of God Im Vc sexty twa yearis.

Adam Masterton contra Agnes Boyd his wyff. - The quhilk daye Adam Mastertoun charget and monest be ye superintendent and his lettres to adheyr and intreat Agnes Boyd his spows as becummis ye husband to treat his lawfull wyff according to ye law of God or ellis to schaw ane ressonabyll caws Quhy he suld nocht sa do Comperis Adam and in presens of Agnes alleges aganis hyr that he is nocht haldyn to adheir to hyr and proponis ane excepcion of adultere as at lenth is contenit ye sam vix. betwix Agnes and Gilbert Arskyn quhilk wes admittit to his probacion And diuers dietis kepit in ye sayd caus wytnes produced resauit and examinat &c. and finaly concordit and aggreit as followis.

Die xvii Decembris Anno Domini 1562 - Concordia inter Adam Mastertown et Agnetam Boyd. - Inducione 6 regni Marie regium anno xxi horam circa secundam post meridiem in camera venerabilis et circumspecti viri magistri Joannis Dowglas rectoris alme vniuersitatis Sanctiandree infra novum collegium civitatis Sanctiandree coram dicto domino rectore tamquam vno seniorum ministerii Sanctiandree et magistris Roberto Hammyltoun et Patricio Coustyn regentibus dicti collegii testibus.

Adame Mastertoun exoneris remittis all rancor consauit be hym aganis Agnes Boyd his spows and renuncis the action and excepcion of adultery proponit be hym aganis hyr and acceppis hyr in his fauoris and grantis to adheir to hyr as to his lawfull wyff And requires hyr as his lawfull wyff to returne and pass with hym to yar commone dwelling place And signe of concord amite and simple remit of all displesor the said Adam at desyr of ye said Agnes and drank to hyr Desuper dictus Adam Mastertoun peciit instrumenta a me Joanne Motto notario publico.

Miscellany of the Maitland Club
consisting of original papers and other documents illustrative of the
History and Literature of Scotland
Volume III
Chapter: Extracts from the Registers of the Kirk Session
of the City and Parish of St. Andrews, 1559-1563.
p. 323-4
Edinburgh, 1843

Register of the Great Seal of Scotland


1140. Apud Halyrudhous. 15 December 1586.

REX confirmavit cartam factam per quondam Wil. commendatarium sive usufructuarium de Culros, Jo. abbatem de C., et ejusdem conventum, [qua, pro 400 marc, persolutis, ad feudifirmam dimiserunt ADAMO MAISTERTOUN, et AGNETI BOYD ejus sponse, terras de Eister Grange, cum pendiculo nuncupato lie Devolye, cum libero introitu ad communem myram et communem pasturam mori, in dominio de Culros, vic. Perth : TENEND. dietis Ad. et Ag. et heredibus inter eos procreatis, quibus deficientibus, heredibus propinquioribus dicti Ad. et assignatis, de dicto monast. : REDDEND. 13 marcas, cum 16 caponibus, cum uno lie weddir-schip conventui ad eorum pittecommonis, tanquam firmam antiquam, et 3 marc. 6 sol. 8 den. augmentationis (de quibus 13 sol. 4 den. conventui ad eorum pittecommonis applicarentur) ; cum areagiis &c. (cum aliis clausulis ut in carta 1106): TEST. Wil. Colvile, Jo. Broun, Rob. Bennat, D. Jo. Broun capellano : cum sigillo &c. (ut in carta 1126): Apud dictum monast., 30 Jan. 1548]: TEST, ut in aliis cartiis &c.
xxxvi. 242.

The Register of the Great Seal of Scotland
John Maitland Thomson (eds)
AD 1580-93
HM General Register House
p. 378
Edinburgh, 1888

Culross Abbey and its Charters

Charge of the Temporality of Kirklands. (relative to Annexation of Benefices to the Crown in the year 1587).

The Act of Parliament of 26th July 1587 for the Annexatioun of the Temporalities of the Benefices to the Crown, ruled that all the revenue of the Church be annexed to the Crown, on the ground that the Crown had been greatly hurt and impoverished in past times by the gift of the greatest part of its proper patrimony to the Abbeys, Monasteries and Clergy, and that the necessity for such disposition had ceased.


29. Feu-farm of lands of Easter Grange and pendicles thereof called Devoly, set in feu to Adam Maistertoun . . . . 11 0 0
capons 16
wedder sheep 1

50. Feu-duty of lands of Bad, set in feu to Alexander Maistertoun: 5 6 8
poultry, 16
kids, 2 (or 6/8 apiece)
augmentation 1 6 8

51. Feu-duty of great and small coal in the bounds of lands of Bad, set in feu to Ronald Maistertoun, fiar of Bad: 6 13 4