Robert Masterton (fl 1584-85)

Robert Masterton (fl 1584-85)


Robert Masterton is mentioned in a charter in 1584 as an occupier of land near Kirkcaldy, and as a subscriber to a bond in September 1585 for the pursuit of English pirates in a revenge mission authorised by King James VI of Scotland after the Richard of Kirkcaldy had been attacked.


Robert Masterton is the earliest Masterton identified to date of the Kirkcaldy Mastertons, and is probably the father of Andrew Masterton who married Margaret French. Andrew and Margaret named their first son Robert. Most of the Kirkcaldy Mastertons were mariners. A fuller genealogy of Robert Masterton can be found at this link

Calendar of the Laing Charters 854-1837

10th January 1584

reproduced from the Calendar of the Laing Charters, page 265-6. James Thin for the University of Edinburgh, 1899.

The Register of the Privy Council of Scotland

First Series, Vol IV, 1585-1592.

Hamilton, 3 September 1585, Edinburgh

Registration by Robert Hay, bailie of Kirkcaldy, of the following band for himself, Joahnne Halkheid, also bailie of the said burgh, and the other inhabitants of the burgh subscribing:- The King had licensed them, by letter signed by him and his Council at Hammiltoun, 2nd Sept, to "send furth twa schippis, accoutterit in weirfair with men and armour," for redressing an outrage by some English pirates on a Scottish ship from Kirkcaldy, called the Richard, belonging to Richard Law, their neighbour, who "laitlie travelling be sey with his said schip, equippage, guidis and geir, in his lauchfull trade of merchandise, toward the pairtis of England," had been attacked by the said pirates at the mouth of the river of Lin, when he and his crew had been "troublit, hurt, and slane, thair schip and guidis reft and spuilyet from thame, and the said skipper thairwith detenit captive."

The present parties bind themselves that the persons they send forth against the said pirates, viz., George Law, captain of the ship called the "Maii Floure" of Kirkcaldy, and George Law, skipper and master thereof, with their soldiers and company, shall faithfully observe the tenor of the King's letter in all points, so that, if damage is done to any honest and lawful traffickers through "the raking out of the said schip or schippis" for invasion of the said English pirates, the present parties "sal be haldin to refound, content and pay the same, and be answerable thairfoir as accordis." The band is subscribed at Kirkcaldy on 3rd September 1585 by Robert Law, bailie, Alexander Dalzell, Thomas Thomsoun, James Litiljohnne, James Melvill, Alexander Law, James Symsoun, Johnne Lowden, Johnne Bennatt, Alexander Boiswall, Robert Brownlie, William Hay, Johnne Hackett, bailie, James Lamb, one of the Council, Thomas Patersoun, Johnne Andirsoun, Johnne Balcanquell, Johnne Law, Robert Maistertoun, Williame Williamesoun, George Law, David Law, David Hucheoun, Williame Staig.

The Register of the Privy Council of Scotland
edited and abridged by David Masson, LLD
First Series, Vol IV (1585-1592), pp. 9-10
HM General Register House
Edinburgh, 1881