Dunfermline Cemetery, Fife, Scotland



Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BISSET George  Aft 25 Dec 1914Dunfermline Cemetery, Fife, Scotland I954
2 BISSET Margaret  Dunfermline Cemetery, Fife, Scotland I1217
3 KEAN Helen Dryden  Dunfermline Cemetery, Fife, Scotland I1042
4 MASTERTON Adam  Dunfermline Cemetery, Fife, Scotland I213
5 MASTERTON Adam  Dunfermline Cemetery, Fife, Scotland I79
6 MASTERTON Adam  Aft 12 Feb 1890Dunfermline Cemetery, Fife, Scotland I5
7 MASTERTON Adam  Aft 22 May 1946Dunfermline Cemetery, Fife, Scotland I22
8 MASTERTON Marion  Aft 21 Jan 1910Dunfermline Cemetery, Fife, Scotland I289
9 MASTERTON Wilhelmina Elizabeth  Aft 21 Jan 2003Dunfermline Cemetery, Fife, Scotland I886
10 MASTERTON William  Dunfermline Cemetery, Fife, Scotland I1041
11 MCLEAN Jessie  Dunfermline Cemetery, fife, Scotland I212
12 RUSSELL Isabella  Aft 12 Jun 1904Dunfermline Cemetery, Fife, Scotland I78
13 SHEPHERD Elizabeth Philp  Aft 4 Jan 1973Dunfermline Cemetery, Fife, Scotland I885
14 TODD Jessie Anderson  Dunfermline Cemetery, fife, Scotland I778