Robert Masterton (fl 1621-1649)

Robert Masterton (fl 1621-49)

Merchant Burgess of Edinburgh

Robert Masterton is one of the creditors of Alexander Mauchane in 1629, and later is the beneficiary of an Act of Parliament in 1649, conferring certain remedies for debts owed to him by Archibald Hamilton, once a merchant in Edinburgh, but by then resident in Derry, Ireland. It seems likely that the Robert Masterton mentioned in these cases is the same man. On 21 March 1621, a Robert Masterton was admitted as a merchant burgess of Edinburgh, bearing arms (hagbuit). On 31 march 1624, Robert Masterton, burgess of before was admitted as a guildbrother(corslet).


A Robert Masterton, merchant, was interred in Greyfriars Churchyard, Edinburgh on 22 October 1663. His widow, "Sibilla Archibald" was interred in the same churchyard on 16 May 1674. This seems likely to be the same Robert Masterton. The marriage of Robert Maistertoun and Sibylla Archebald on 14 May 1644 is recorded in Edinburgh's Old Parish Registers. As yet, no further links have been made.

Register of the Privy Council of Scotland

Second Series, Vol III. 1629-30.

9 June 1629, Holyrood House

Petition by Wilkin Johnstone and others for the continuance of protection to Alexander Mauchane, that he may have the opportunity of paying his debts to the said persons.

Petition by Wilkine Johnestoun, Thomas Patersoun, Malcolme Brown, John Smith, Robert Davidsoun, Hew Hamiltoun for himself and for Thomas Hamiltoun as assignee of John Hamiltoun, merchant ; John Smith, William Mitchelsoun, Adam Mitchelsoun, Robert Keith, John Sinclare, Alexander Binnie, Robert Glen, James Pont, James Stevinsoun, David Jonkein, James Naismith, John Grahame, Robert Maistertoun, and David Mitchelsoun, merchants burgesses of Edinburgh ; George Foulles, master of his Majesty's Cunziehous ; John Fraser, goldsmith; Mr. Robert Balcalquall, minister at Tranent; Arthur Rae, writer; Alexander Lintoun, Mr. Alexander Livingstoun, advocate; Mr. John Patersoun, for his sister Janet Patersoun ; Thomas Lamb, messenger ; and Samwell Moresoun, in Leith, as follows: They are all creditors of Alexander Mauchane, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, who for fear of arrest fled to England, but in December last applied to them for their assurance for his safe return that he might give them all the satisfaction his estate would permit, and their Lordships upon the desire of the petitioners granted a protection to him till the last day of March, now past. They acknowledge "the honest and upright meaning of the said Alexander" and affirm that during the term of the said protection arranged with all his English creditors, and therefore they all in one voice crave their Lordships' further protection to him till 1st August next. This the Lords grant.

The Register of the Privy Council of Scotland
P Hume Brown (ed)
Second Series, Vol III, 1629-30
p 163
HM General Register House
Edinburgh, 1901

Legislation: 16 March 1649.

Act in Favour of Robert Mastertoun

The estates of parliament, taking into their consideration the supplication given in by Robert Masterton, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, making mention that Archibald Hamilton, younger, sometime merchant in the said burgh, now resident in Derry in the kingdom of Ireland, is indebted and owing to the supplicant great sums of money, according to two bonds granted by him to the said supplicant thereupon, the one dated in October 1641, the other in September 1642, and which two bonds being registered in Sir John Gibson's chamber, the extracts thereof do not make faith in Ireland, neither will he get payment of him being a resident in Ireland until such time as the supplicant presents there the principal unregistered bonds, which are necessary for the supplicant to be had, otherwise he is in hazard to lose his monies.

And therefore supplicating that the parliament would be pleased to grant warrant to the said Sir John Gibson for delivery up to the supplicant of the aforesaid two unregistered bonds, he receiving from the said supplicant the just duplicate thereof under his hand, bearing that the supplicant has received the same to the effect aforesaid, which duplicates, with the estates of parliament's warrant, shall be sufficient to him for his register, as at more length is contained in the said supplication.

Which being remitted by the estates of parliament to the committee of bills to be considered and to give their opinion relating thereto, and they having reported the same, the said estates of parliament have ordained and ordain the said Sir John Gibson to deliver up to the supplicant the aforesaid two principal bonds and to receive from the said supplicant the just duplicates thereof under his hand, bearing him to have received the same to the effect aforesaid, and that in respect it is well-known to the parliament that the extracts of the said bonds will not make faith without the kingdom.

And the said estates declare the aforesaid duplicates of the bonds to be granted by the said Robert Masterton, supplicant, and this present act to be a sufficient warrant to the said Sir John Gibson to be kept to his register in place of the said principal bonds.

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K.M. Brown et al eds
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Scottish Record Society
Interments in Greyfriars Burying-Ground

Masterton, Robert, merchant - 22 Oct. 1663
" , Robert, merchant, his widow, Sibilla Archibald - 16 May 1674

Register of Interments in the Greyfriars Burying-Ground
Edinburgh, 1658-1700
Henry Paton, MA (ed)
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