Editor's Comment 1

Editor's Comment 1

(to Paton's Genealogy - 1893)

Katherine Masterton married to James Lawrie of Burngrange

Paton, possibly promulgating an error in Burke's Landed Gentry, seems to have confused Katherine with her sister Christian. I base this on two pieces of evidence.

1) Edinburgh Old Parish Register has a record of a marriage on 8 Sep 1745 between "James Laurie of Burngrange in ??? of Orrell & Christian Mastertone D of the deceasd John Mastertone Mct in ? in NNKP".

2) Testament Dative and Inventory of Katherine Masterton, Stirling Commissary Court, makes no mention of Katharine being married to, or a relict of, James Laurie, strongly suggesting that Katharine died unmarried.

In my tree of the Mastertons of Parkmill I have therefore shown Christian Masterton marrying James Laurie and Katharine Masterton as a spinster.

Gordon Masterton