Masterton Papers

Masterton Papers


Edited, with Pedigree, Introduction and Notes, by
F.S.A. Scot.


SOME REMARQUES upon severall things since the Happie restauratione of King CHARLES YE SECOND1



Cha., 1 Ag. ; John, 22 July ; Fr., 14 Novr ; dav.,  17 July ;  Hary, 2 July ; mary, 16 novr ; Kathr., 26 Novr ; Jean, 17 der ; Chr., 12 Apr. ; nanie, 26 Ag. ; dead child, 1 dec. ; Kathr was maried to fr. Hegin 24 Apr ;  Jon Hegin, 20 May ;  Fr., 13 may ;  Vm, 23 may ; Chr., 27 may ; Chr, 4 Apr ; Mary was born 10 March 1712 ; Ka. born att park the 1st Septr 1713 ; Janet was born 19 [    ] ;  Ka. att park the 17 decr 1716 ; James was born Ferrytoun 4 June 1718 ; Charles was married to Marie Keirie 11 Agust 1713 ; his wife was brought to bed of a son called francis the 21st Febry 1714 ; he dyed a little after being born in the said month ; she brought forth her 2d child, called Katie, on the 10th May 1715 ; she brought forth her 3d child, called Francis, on the 2d April 17[    ].


1660. King Charles 2d Restauratione, 29 May.
'61.   Marquess Argyle beheaded and some others forTreason.
1 Jarij. Earle Midleton 2 comissioner to 1st parliat, Glencairn 3 chanr, Crawfurd Thesaurer.4
Fr. Broun of Kaverkad dyed.
'62.  Sr francis Arskine, brother to ye Earle of Mar,5 dyed unmarried. marq. Argyle and som others beheaded for Treason.6

1 On the cover or first page of the MS. is the following note:- 'John was maried on Kathrine Edington the 27th Febry 1711 ; her first Child, called Francis, was born the 2d December 1711 ; he dyed the 4th May 1713 ; her second child, called John, born the 28th May 1713 ; her third child, called Janet, 17th Agust 1714 ; her fourth child, called James, the 9th Septer 1715 ; her 5 Child, called Christian, the 27 Sep. 1717 ; her sixth child, called Francis, the 27th Septr 1718.'
2 John Middleton, created Earl of Middleton, etc., 1660
3 William, ninth Earl of Glencairn.
4 John, tenth Lord Lindsay, created Earl of Crawford-Lindsay, 1644.
5 John, third Earl of Mar.
6 Archibald, Marquis of Argyle, beheaded 27th May 1661.

'63.  Sr Charles Arskine of Ava dyed.
'64.   My father dyed 20 Jar ; mr. Jon Craigingelt, minister at Aloa, dyed martch.
'64.  There was a great frost in the end of '63, and continowed till 20 martch '64, upon vch day ye ploughes went, and others and I curled the same day.  Patrick Lindsay, at woodsyd, dyed at michalmess.
'66.  Pentland Hill rebellion by ye whigs, and defeat by general Dalzell and drummond wt ye Kings forces.
'68.  The Countess of Mar, Jean Hay,1 dyed may, and hir son, John, Earl of Mar, dyed in Agust ;2  old John younger, in Ferritown, dyd ; Lady Clackm and hir dochter, ms Helin, dyed in may, and were burried together.
'69.  Alloway wood cut and sold for 8500 merks, 5 years cutting ; ane excessive tide, 13 novr, made a great breach at Ferineuk, and ouer flowed....Coustons barn yaird.
1670. I built Jon Allans house and Jon Chrystes
'71.  I went to ye feritown rowme.
'72.  Jon Napier, Lieut to ye kings troup, dyd at sea in ye dutch war ; old Kenet dyd Apr., young Kenet der.3
'73.  Mr Rot. vright, minister at clackm., dyed ; my aunt marjourie mrton dyd.
'74.  Char., Earle of mar, married to E. panmures dochter4 in Apr., and gott 50,000 mrks of tocher.
Laird of Clack., Sr Harie bruce, dyed martch ;  Ja. Norie, town clerk of Sterling, dyed.
Da. Bruce of Clackm. married to Tarbets eld dochter.5
A great frost '73 and '74.
'75.  John, Lord Arskine, born ye 6 Jar.6

1 Lady Christian Hay, second daughter of Francis, Earl of Errol, wife of John, third Earl of Mar. - Douglas's and Foster's Peerages.
2 John, fourth earl, died September. - Douglas's Peerages.
3 Robert Bruce of Kennet and a son (?). See below (1691 and 1692) for Robert's son David and his son Henry.
4 The Lady Mary Maule, eldest daughter of George, second Earl of Panmure.
5 The Lady Margaret McKenzie, daughter of George, Earl of Cromartie.
6 Afterwards sixth Earl of Mar.  See marriage of his parents above, 1674.

'76.  Mr. Geo. Arskine, only brother to Ch. E. mar, dyed in ye north, and was burried at Alloa 6 July.
'77.   I built Alloway miln that summer ; Capt Rot Bruce of Voodsyd was killd in Flanders ; Andrew Horn Dyd.
'78.   I was married to Chr. Keirie, eldest dochter to gogar, the 13 Jarii ; she bore marie, hir first child, 16 Novr.
The Highland road to the west ;1  Grange mastertone dyd.2
'79.   Bothwel Bridge rebellion of ye whigs and defeat, 2 June ;3  my dochter Kathrin born 26 novr ; Sharp, Archbishop of St. Andrew, murther, 29 may.4
1680. I returned to Parkmiln ; my brother Geo. and my mother went to Feritown ; Earl of Kincarne5 and my lord Bruce dyed.
'81.   My 3d docter, Christian, born 14 Jar. ; Geo. meldrum, Laird of Tillibody,6 dyed may ; Duke Rothess dyed Julij ;7 Jon Allan, wright, dyd der.
'82.   My 3d dochter, Christian, dyed 28 novr ; Charles, my first son, born 1 Ag. ; we built our house and office houses and ye yaird ; Duke Lawderdale dyd novr, in Engl. ;8 my sister Jean dyd Oct. 82.  

1This is no doubt a reference to the making or altering of the main road to the west past Parkmill.
2 On 2d December 1654 John Masterton of Easter Grange, for sums of money paid to him and his creditors by Adam Masterton, his eldest lawful son, infeft the latter in his lands of Easter Grange, in the parish of Culross. - Perth Sasines, series 4, vol. ii. folio 216.  In 1662 John Masterton was served heir to his father Adam in these lands.  In 1673 an Adam Masterton of Grange registered arms.  Stodart identifies him with an Adam Masterton of Grange who, in 1690, appears as tutor of John Philip, nephew and heir of Mr. John Philip, minister of Queensferry.  A Masterton of Grange being here noted as dying at an intermediate date - 1678 - it appears that there were two Adams.  The death of the second is noted below, January 1695.
3 22d June 1679.
4 3d May. - Hill Burton, etc.
5 Alexander Bruce, second Earl of Kincardine, died 9th July 1680.
6 George Abercromby of Skeith, 'as is recorded, purchased the property (Tillibody), March 26th, 1655, from Robert Meldrum, a cadet of the house of Seggie.' - Crawford's Memorials of Alloa.  See below (1699) Alexander Keir of Tullibody and Laird of Tillibody.
7 John, Duke of Rothes, died 27th July 1681.
8 John, Duke of Lauderdale, died 24th August 1682, in his sixty-seventh year. - Douglas's and Foster's Peerages.

'83.  Rot. miln of newmill dyed Jarii ; Laird Quarrell ;1  John, my 2d son, born 22 July ;  old Jon Allan, miller, dyd ;  My Lord Napier2 dyed in England ; Lady mary Arskine dyed ; Mr. Rot. Edmonston dyd.
'84.   Laird of Airth3 dyed ; Ja. Hamilton ; m. montrose ;4  Jon Sawers, Laird of Keir,5 old mr. Ed. Wright,6 dyed ; Francis, my 3d son, born 14 novr ; we built a new bean barn ; major Geo. Bruce dyed.
'85. King Charles dyed 6 febr ; Duke montmouth invasion in England, Argyles7 in Scotland, both executed ;   Jean, my 4 dochter, born 17 der.
'86. Patrick Craigingelt dyed Oct. ; I built our ston bridge, rebuilt Byer and Stables ; Earl Panmure dyd ;8 Sr  George Preston dyed.
'87. Christian, my 5 dochter, born 12 Apr ; I began to build ye ston dyk next to ye wood ; My Lady Glencairn9 dyd febr.
'88. Prince of Scotland born 10 Jun ; David, my 4 son, born 17 July ; my brother George dyed 20 July.
Prince and princess of Orange invasion novr 5.
Rot Turnbull dyd novr.
'89.   K. Vm and Queen mary proclamed at Edr 13 June ; Ch. E. mar dyd 23 may ;10 Otterston Duncan Arskine,11 Clerk Morison, Laird of polmaise,12 dyed ; Battle of Killicrankie, 27 July, thr. Dundee and pitcur were killed ; Battle of Dunkell, 21 Ag. ; Cumrie Bruce dyed ; Baylie Brown dyd, febr ;

1 Richard (?) Elphingston of Quarrel-Quorrole.  Thomas Dundas, after 1720, bought these lands and changed the name to Carronhall.
2 Archibald, third Lord Napier, died unmarried.
3 Probably Richard Elphinston of Airth who (see Index of Services) died July 1683.  His son Charles was killed in 1699, see below.
4 James, third Marquis of Montrose, died 25th April 1684.
5 Sir John Stirling of Keir died March 1684.  See Fraser's Stirlings of Keir.
6 Minister of Clackmannan.- Scott's Fasti.
7 Archibald, ninth Earl of Argyll, executed 30th June 1685.
8 George, third Earl of Panmure, died 1st February 1686.
9 Possibly Lady Jean Erskine, second daughter of John, third Earl of Mar, who married John, eleventh Earl of Glencairn, 5th August 1673.
10 Charles, Earl of Mar, died 23d April 1689. - Douglas and Foster's Peerages.
11 Duncan Erskine of Otterston.
12 John Murray, born 1649, married Ann, daughter of Sir Alexander Gibsone of Durie.

Mr. Edvard Vright, advocat, dyd in Agust ;1  Tho. Bruce of Clackhall dyd June.
1690. Sr Ch. Arskin of Ava, James mitchell dyed ; Robert, my 5 son, born 4 febr ; He dyed 9 der ; Batle of Cromdell, 1 may ; Robert Boyd married Jean Keirie, 30 Apr.
'91.  My aunt Agnes Lindsay, age 80, my aunt mary masterton, age 83, David Bruce of Kenet,2 dyed ; my 6 dochter born 1 oct. ; Jonet, Rot. Boyds wife, dyd 20 may.
'92.  Harie Bruce of Kennet2 was kiled in flanders ; Earle of Angus3 killed thr ; My sister Christian married to James muddie in Longkerss, 7 febr.
'93.  Sr Ja. Arskine of Ava, Capt. Ja. murray, polmais brother, were kild in flanders ; mathew Hamilton dyed in prison ; patrick Burn of Sherdill dyed ; James, my 6 son, born 13 martch ; Jean Rotson, my cuson, dyd.
'94. Alloway wood sold for 6000 merks, cut 1st Hag. ; James Simpson, James Norie, George Spalding, dyed ; my 7 son Harie born 2 July ; we built the Litle corn kil ; Sande maxwel in Kilsyth dyd, oct.
'95.  My aunt Jean Lindsay, agd 86, dyed febr ; Tho. Smeton dyed martch ; James bruce 2 June, James, 6 son, dyed 20 Agust ; Agnes, my 7 dochter, born 26 Ag. ; Gogar,4 my good father, dyed 2 oct. ; Laird of Quarrel dyed ;5 Adam Masterton of Grange dyd,6 Jar : Cropt this year ane bad dry sumer til July, a late harvest, so tht fra zoul and Candl ye pryce a 8 lib. bol. it came ere July al graines to 20 lib. boll. ; we rebuilt the malt barn, adding ane other story thrto wt a tyle roof ; Earle of Buchan dyd Sepr ;7 Tho Reid, Belman of Clack, dyd Apr.

1 Edward Wright of Newton of Bothkenner.  See Retours, 16th December 1695, also below, 1711.
2 See above, 1672.
3 James Douglas, styled Earl of Angus, was son and heir of James, second Marquis of Douglas, by first wife, born 1671, raised in 1689 a regiment of 1800 men (26th Foot or Cameronians), killed s.p. 3d August 1692 at battle of Steinkirk.
4 See Genealogy.
5 Sasine, Michael Elphingston of Quarrel, recorded Stirling 1685.  Elphingston of Quarrel buried 24th July 1695.  'Wm. Quarrell's corps went west.' - The Account Book of Sir John Foulis [S.H.S., in preparation].
6 Adam Masterton of Grange, see above, 1678.
7 William Erskine, eighth earl of Buchan, died a prisoner in Stirling Castle, unmarried.

'96. Thomas Horn in parkm. dyd Jar ; Mr. Jon Keirie of gogar dyed 9 may ; John his son, 18 May ; Earle of Roxburgh,1 mary muddie my sisters dochter, dyd 23 Septr ; Sr Hugh paterson 2 dyed octr ; my dead son born 1 der ; Cropt 96, a cold bad summer, a rany late harvest, a great frost in August that mutch of ye vitail was frosted, and mutch to shear at Christmas. The bear 12 lib ye boll, meal 10lib, pease and beans 20 mrks ye boll. The pryces fell at Lambass 40 s. boll, meal and malt. mr. Rot. Geddie at Dollar dyd martch 96.
'97. John paton of Bellilisk dyed at London Jarii ; Lady Ardoch dyed June ; 3 Vm Heggin dyed 5 febr ; Da. Horn, Apr ; Francis Borthwick dyd mart ; major Bruce Lady dyd. The general peace betwixt france and confederates proclaimed. provost Russel dyed martch ; Tho. Reid in grein dyd novr ; Sr Ch. Haggat of pitfirren, Geo. Muray of pittincreiff, dyed ; rebuilt corn barn ; mr. Turnbul dyd may ; Bear 8lib, meal at candlmass 10 mrk ; pease and beans 8lib ; fra vhits meal 10lib, pease and bear 12lib.
'98. Jon Proud dyed Jar. ; Vm Bruce, old constable in Clackm., dyd Jar ; old Vm Alexr in Kennet dyd febr ; John Hervison of Barachne dyd 10 Febr ; Earle of Crawford dyd martch ; 4 Lord Reath 5 dyd martch ; Vm Vightman in gartary 18 Apr. ; Tho. inglis, officer of Clackm, dyd 18 may ; Earle of Airlie 6 dyd June ; Arskine, Laird of Din,7 dyd may ; Jean mayn in All. dyd Agust ; Elspet miller, Geo. Coustons wyfe, dyed 30 Ag. ; John Shaw of Craighead dyd oct ; Laird of Lunde novr ; Baylie Johnston in sterling, novr ; a late rainy harvest, but ye vitail in end all weil won. The bear at mrt. '98, 11lib boll ; oat meal and malt at 12lib boll ; pease meal 9lib ;

1 Robert, fourth Earl of Roxburghe, died on his travels abroad at Brussels, 13th June 1696, in his nineteenth year.
2 Sir Hugh Paterson of Bannockburn, W.S., father of Sir Hugh noted below (1701). - History of Society of W.S.
3 Probably Mary, eldest daughter of Sir Charles Erskine of Alva, Bart., first wife of Sir William Stirling, second Knight-Bart. of Ardoch.
4 William, sixteenth Earl of Crawford and second Earl of Lindsay, died 6th March 1698.
5 Raith - Alexander Melville, elder son and heir of George, first Earl of Melville, died s.p.  Lord Raith, buried 1st April 1698. - Foulis' Accounts.
6 James, second Earl of Airlie.
7 David Erskine of Dun, father of the judge of that name.

Bear meal 8lib boll ; Fearm bear in Jary betwixt 13 and 14lib ; Pease and beans at 16lib boll thr after.
Jo. Nikel my barbers wife, 23 novr ; Forsyth of Garvel, at Stling, 13 der ; Laird of Airth stabbed at a duel
by Laird Achinboy, 29 Apr, at Torwood ; at . . . 30 Apr next day.
'99.  Sr Tho. nicolson of Tillicutry dyd at Edr 1 Jarii ; my mother dyd 14 Jar, at 8 in morning and buried on 16, age 82 ; Mr. Rot Ramsay dyd at Edr, Jary. ; Laird of Durie1 dyd at Edr, febr ; Mr. paul Gellies wyfe
dyd 21 febr ; Jon Sawers dochter Kath. dyd 22 febr ; David Lindsay 23 martch ; mr. Vm Lindsay dyed
of ye jandies ye 16 Apr, at 4 in ye morning ; Rot Colvill, wreater at Edr, dyd 12 may ; Ch., Earle of Mar,
dyd 23 July '99.2
Laird of Airth killd at a duel by Laird Achinboy, at Torwood, 29 Apr. ;3 Alexr Keir of Tillibody 4 dyd 29
may ; Hary Graham, Hilton, at Edr, dyd 30 may ; Sr Vm Bruce Kinross his Lady, 30 may ; Isobell Bruce,
major Bruce daughter, dyd 23 June ; Laird Tillibody dyed 29 June ; 5 provost dick his eldest son, dyd 26
July ; John Hal in Kenet, dyd 28 July ; Earle of Southesk 6 dyd 9 Ag. ; John Gib and James Finne dyed
10 Ag. ; Gilbert Robertson of Vhythouse dyd 1 Septr ; Ch. Earl of Mar dyd Aug.7
Laird of Breas, minister at Culross,8 dyed 13 Septr, on vch day ther was a great Ecclipse of ye sun
betwixt eight and half ten ; Jon moriss, Sande short, two workmen in Alloway, dyd 16 Septr ; Ja. Horn,
quarrier at Clackm., dyd 21 Sepr. ;

1 Probably Sir Alexander Gibson.
2 Written on margin and deleted.    See above, 1689.
3 Captain William Bruce of Auchinbowie, eldest son of William Bruce of Newton, killed Charles Elphinstone of Airth, a minor, at the house of William Lord Forester, or at a change house near the end of the Torwood, 29th April 1699.    See The Bruces and the Cumyns, by M. E. Cumming Bruce, pp. 325 and 605, where the indictment of Captain William Bruce for murder is printed.
4 See above, 1681.
5 George Abercromby of Tullibody and Skeith. 26th June appears as the date of his death in the copy of the inscription on the monument to his memory at the old church of Tullibody given by Crawford in his Memorials of Alloa, p. 161. But see 29th June 1699 in Turnbull's Diary in this volume of Miscellany.    See also 1681 above.
6 Charles, fourth Earl of Southesk.
7 Written on margin and deleted.
8 James Fraser of Brae, minister of Culross.    See his Memoirs and Beveridge's Culross and Tulliallan.

My cosen Agnes don dyd at Sterling, 11 oct. ; Tho. Horn at parkn. dyd 16 oct. ; James Burn dyd 25
oct. ; My Lady Tarbet1 dyd in ye north oct. ; James Scobie, officer in Clack, dyd 28 oct. ; Vm
Henderson, ordinarly called -- Catel mercat in Clackm., dyd 4 novr ; Rot Reid,-ordinarly called Gentle Rot
in Clackm., dyd 5 novr ; Jo. dickees wyfe in Carshill, dyd 10 novr ; old Jon Hog at Clackm. water mil,
dyd 11 novr ; old James Henderson, tenant in west Cambus, dyd 12 novr ; John Nucoll, mr of a bark,
was drouned at Alloway shoar ye 14 novr ; Ms. Edmonstone dyd 15 novr ; Humphrey Calhoun of Balhertie dyd at Queensferry ye 14 novr ; marjorie Cussing, Andro Henderson his wyfe dyd 24 novr ; Jean Vallance, Vm Stein relict, dyd 5 der ; Androw Henderson, officer at Clackm., dyd 17 der ; My Lord Kennedy2 dyd at Edr 19 decr ; My cousen Christian Anderson, Ch. Row wyfe, dyd at Edr, 26th der.  Bear 12lib, oatm 10lib 13ss. 4d.
1700.Laird Tullibodys3 young dochter dyd 2 Jar ; doctor Birsban dyd at Glasgow, 9 Jar ; John Couston dyed at Linmiln, 16 Jar.
A great fire in Edr brunt all the meal mercat, parliat close, neir to the cross, on Saturday night, 3 febr., till Sundays night.4
The old smiths wyfe at Kennet dyd 13 febr ; My Lady Crawfurd,5 my Lady Lothian, my Lady Rugland,6 my Lady Elcho,7 all dyd febr ; James Dempterston his wyfe Jenet Black dyed, 28 febr.

1 Anne, daughter of  Sir James Sinclair of Mey, Bart., and wife of George Mackenzie, first Visocount Tarbat.
2 John, Lord Kennedy, served heir to his father John. Service dated 1st April 1701.
3 See above, 29th June 1699, etc.
4 Chambers's Domestic Annals; Grant's Old and New Edinburgh.
5 The Lady Harriet Seton, only daughter of Charles, Earl of Dunfermline, relict of William, fifth Earl of Wigton, and wife of William, sixteenth Earl of Crawford (Douglas, p. 389) ; or Emilia, second daughter of James, Lord Down, and wife of John, seventeenth Earl of Crawford, who died 1712, she predeceasing him some years.
6 Rugland. The Lady Anne Kennedy, only daughter of John, seventh Earl of Cassilis, and wife of John Hamilton, first Earl of Ruglen, Viscount of Riccarton, Lord Hillhouse.
7 Lady Anne Douglas, eldest daughter of William, first Duke of Queensberry, and wife of David, Lord Elcho, afterwards Earl of Wemyss.  Douglas states that, in consequence of her clothes taking fire while she was engaged in secret prayer, 17th February 1700, the Countess of Wemyss (?) was so severely scorched that she expired on the 23d of the same month.

we heard this day tht Francis Allan in parkmiln dyed at Jamaica. Marquess of Dowglass1 dyd 25 febr; Helin Sibbat dyd 13 martch ; Row of enerallan dyd 19 mar. Edr ; James Davison, called Blalowin, dyd 30 Martch, and Christian Fither ye same day ; Mr. Allans son Thomas dyd 9 Apr ; my daughter Kathrin was married to Fr. Heggin in feriton, at Edr, ye 24th of Apr.; John Nucoll, cadger in Alloway, dyd 24 may ; Kathrin Ramsay in Clacm., dyd 9 June; John Wordie of Torbrex dyed 17 July ; Alexr Halway's wyfe in Culross dyd 18 July.
Duke of Glocester, Prince of Denmark, his son dyed.2
Mr. Ja. Vright of Kersie dyed ye 11 Agust at 10 foornoon ; my 6th daughter Jonet died of ane high collick and a great paine in her bely the 20 Agust be on in ye morning, and was buried, 21 throf.
My Lord Marsington3 died suddenly 21 Agust ; My sister, Jon Keirries wyfe, died of ane decay, ye 24 Agust, at 4 afternoon ; The Countess of Rothes died Agust4 ; Vm Vright, a child, dyed of ane decay ye 24 Septr ; James Burn, Tenant in black grange, dyd 9 october ; Rot Graham in valyfield, died 3 Oct. ; Tho. Fathringham dyd 27 novr ; Da. vanan in Sawchie, his wyfe Epe Allan, or old woman, dyd 27 novr.
This last year we had an early spring, a cold summer, and a late hervest ; Bear fra mrt til 1 Jar 1701 ten pund bolls ; oatmeal on mercat 8 Ss ye peck ; pease meal 5 Ss and 6d. ye peck.
1701.Vm paton, grieve at Clackmannan, his daughter dyd 2 Jarii ; Vm Alexr wyfe, at Stling, dyd 8th Jar ; Alexr moriss, old servt to Sr Fr. Arskine, dyed 13 Jar ; John Mitchel, tenant in west field, dyed 9 febr.

1 James, second Marquis of Douglas.
2 William, Duke of Gloucester, died 30th July 1700.  See Turnbull's Diary, p. 394 of this Miscellany.
3 Mersington.  Alexander Swinton of Swinton, one of the Senators of the College of Justice, died in August 1700.  'On Tuesday last Lord Mersington dined well with a friend in the Merse, and went well to bed, but was found dead before four in the morning, his lady in bed with him, who knew nothing of his dying.  A warning stroke.  He was a good man, and much respected.' --  Letter from James Stewart, Lord Advocate, to Carstairs.  Burtin and Haig's Senators of the College of Justice.
4 Margaret, Countess of Rothes in her own right, married Charles, Earl of Haddington, and died 20th August 1700.

Rot. Russall, son to Baylie Russall in Sterling, dyed 10 febr ; my Lord Kinaird and my Lord Rollo dyd martch ; John Paton of Coudon's wyfe, Ana Craig, dyed 7 martch, aged 90 years, Lived 67 years maried wt him ; Patrick Graham in Sterling dyed in ye night alon, 13 martch ; James dempterston in Townhead of Alloway dyed 15 martch.
old sande donaldson in Clackm dyd 17 mart.  My daughter Kathrin brought furth her first child on Tuesday at nyne in ye foirnoon, the 20 may 1701, and was baptised John, 27 may. Christian flockhart, Jon Youngers wyfe, dyd 3 June ; John Allan in Parkmyln dyd 5 June ; Jokeie Main in Alloway dyd 5 June ; Ms. Edmonston dyed 5 July ; Mary Allan Patrick Arthurs wyfe dyd 6 July ; Young David Black in Alloa dyd 26 July ; Mr Tho. Napier dyd Septr.
King James ye 7th dyed in France ye 3d of September 1701.
Jon Anderson, Sutor in Alloa, dyd 14 Oct. ; Clerk Gray in Alloa dyd 18 Oct. ; Ms. Vylie dyd 7 Novr ; Earle of Murray dyd 31 Oct. ;1 provost Russal his wyfe dyed 7 novr.
Ane excessive high tyde 18 novr in ye morning, wch overflowed all ye feriton and clackm. dykes round Geo. Coustons stacks half an eln. Mr. Villiamson minister at Tulliallan dyd at Edr 20 novr ;2 David Kippen at Kennet dyd 26 novr ; The laird of west quarter3 dyd at Edr 27 novr ; John Toshock, violar at Alloa, dyed 8 decer ; John Youngar in Feritown dyed 20 der ; Ms. Weir Helin Bruce dyd at Leith 20 decer ; Laird of Bannockburn4 dyed 21 der ; doctor Johnstone his wyfe dyed at Stling ye 31 decer. Bear at 5 and 6lib ye boll meal at 5lib lib. Bear and malt at 7 mrks 5 lib ye dearest, gd meal as before 1 martch.
1702. Geo Coustons young son dyd 7 Jarii ; Vm Andersone daughter Christian dyd 12 Jar ; old Rot nuccoll, post of Alloway, dyd 17 Jarii ; The Countess of Leiven5 and ye Lady menstrie dyd Jar ; Jenet Anderson relict of David Horn dyd 2 febr ; malcom Alexr Baxter in Alloa dyd 13 febr ; Ms. Norie my cussing in sterling died 21 febr, at 9 in ye morning ; 

1 Alexander, fourth Earl of Moray, died 1st November 1700. -- Douglas and Foster.  His predecessors died 1653, and his successor 1735.
2 19th November. -- Scott's Fasti.
3 Sir James Livingston of West Quarter.
4 Sir Hugh Paterson of Bannockburn, Bart., W.S., son of Sir Hugh noted above (1696). -- History of Society of W.S.
5 Catherine, Countess of Leven.

Sr Vm Stirling of Ardoch dyd 19 febr ; Powhouse Rollo his Lady 22 febr ; John Paton of Cowdon dyd 4 martch ; King Vm dyed 8 Martch.
Clackm Trows [sic] blue down 25 martch ; Jon Horn in menstrie dyd 26 martch ; Mr. McGill my son Jons mr. dyd at Er 2 Apr ; Sr John Shaw of Greenock dyd at Edr sudenly ye of Aprill ; a daughter of my Lord Elphinston dyd 23 Apr ; Marie don my cussing dyd 25 Apr ; The Countess of Kincardin1 dyd 28 Apr ; Patrick Arthur in Alloway dyd 30 Apr ; Geo Couston in feritown dyd 21 may ; Kathrin Vright mr. Rot daughter dyd 30 May ; Mr. Jon Forrester minister at Sterling dyd 5 June ; Epe Chryste at parkmiln dyd 1 July ; my daughter Kathrin was delivered of hir 2d son who dyd imediatly at ye birth the 12 July ; The Viscount of Strathallan2 dyed at Edr ye 19 July ; The Laird of Touch3 dyd 23 July ; the Lady murraye dyd 29 July ; Vm Caddel in dumblane dyd 2 Ag ; Rot melin in sawchie age 96 dyd 9 Ag ; Ms. finlason in Alloway dyd 12 Sepr ; Richie Hegs young sone dyed 17 Octr ; Ensinge Trayls wife dyed 19 Octor ; James Cromee skipper at Craigward died suddenly in ye night the 2 novr ; Old John main aged 98 in Cambuss dyd 3 decer.
Capt John Bell who was in france wt King James in his return to Scotland for his health dyed in Holand in novr ; Lady Kersie dyed at Edr ye 8 decer and was buried in Alloway 11 decer ; Rot Ferguson's son Charles dyed 11 der. The Bear betwixt mrt and Candlem betwixt 9 and 10 mrk ; The meal 10 mrk and 7 lib pease and beans 7 lib.
1703. The Earle of Eglinton4 dyd in Engl. Jar. Old Jon Anderson in blackgrange dyed 27 Jar ; Jonet melvin dyd 11 febr ; Clerk Gray daughter 26 febr ; Sr John Erskine of Bagonie5 dyd at Edr martch ; Fr. Craich brother dyed 4 Apr ;

1 Veronica Van Arsan, daughter of 'Corneille Van Somelsdyk, Lord of Somelsdyk,' wife of Alexander Bruce, second Earl of Kincardine, died 28th April 1701, aged sixty-eight. --The Bruces and the Cumyns.
2 William, Viscount Strathallan.
3 James Seton of Touch and Tillibody.
4 Alexander, eighth Earl of Eglinton, died at London 1701, and Alexander, ninth earl, died March 1729. -- Fraser's Montgomeries Earls of Eglinton.
5 Balgownie.

Jon Fergus in Resselloch 2d wyfe dyed 9 Apr ; The Earl of Mar1 was maried to ye Viscount of Duplin his daughter at London 6 Apr ; old Jon McGreger dyd 17 Apr ; old Jon Harroer at Hirsmiston dyd 20 Apr ; Rot. Hunter oursman at Sawchie dyd 21 Apr.; Marquess of Athol dyd 4 May ;2 John Steivnsone provest of Stirling dyed 19 May ; old James Harlaw my Lords gardiner dyd 29 May ; Old John Reid dyd at Abercorn 5 June ; The old Countess of panmure 78 years dyd 30 July.3  A great shour of snow on ye hils ye 27 Agust in ye night.
Jon Bucham [sic] in Alloa dyd 9 Sepr ; Jon Callendar in Kincairn dyed 10 Sepr ; Rot. Bruce in Linmiln dyed 18 Septer ; Duke of Argyle4 dyd at Newcastle 22 Sepr ; Mr. Robins wyfe in Ava dyd 5 october ; Rot. Millar in Sawchie dyd 10 oct ; The Laird of Stow dyd ye beginning of october ; provost dick his wyfe dyed 20 oct ; Mary Lindsay relict of Duncan Erskine dyed 23 oct ; George Nairn merchant in Sterling dyd 26 oct ; George Smith Tenant in Tilligart dyd 28 oct ; David Webster coachman dyd 1 novr ; Euphan Ramsay relict of old Ja. Bruce dyd 10 novr ; Tho. Turnbull in Clackm. his wyfe dyed 13 novr ; Sr Vm Preston of Valyfield dyed 14 Novr.  My neece Christian Paton was maried the 17 novr to Paton in Anguss. John Thomson in Wester Cambus dyed 18 novr ; The Earle of Glencairn dyed 17 novr ;5 John Mitchel wyfe Glasier in Allwa dyd 2 der. a cold spring, a dry summer, a very good harvest tho something late. The bear betwixt Christm. and Candlemass 5 and six pund ; The meal 6 lib and 10 merks.
1704. Baylie morison at Stling dyed 11 Jar ; The Laird of Sands dyd suddenlie 18 Jar ;6 Ms Vright, aged 74, dyd at Edr 24 Jar and buried ther ;

1 John, sixth Earl of Mar, married, first, Lady Margaret Hay, eldest daughter of Thomas, sixth Earl of Kinnoul, first Viscount Duplin, 16th April 1703. -- Foster.  Douglas gives 6th April.
2 John, first Marquis of Athole, died 6th May 1703. -- Douglas.
3 The Lady Jean Campbell, daughter of John, Earl of Loudon, wife of George, second Earl of Panmure.  See above, 1674.
4 Archibald, first Duke of Argyle, died 25th September 1703.-- Douglas's Peerage.
5 John, Earl of Glencairn, died 14th December 1703. -- Index of Services.
6 Sands.  In 1666 Lord Kincardine disponed Sands to George Wilson of Kirktown and Alexander Wilson his son (then a minor). Kirktown is a farm near Culross.  Alexander Wilson died in 1704, and was succeeded by his brother, George Wilson, a bailie of Culross. The estate then rapidly changed hands twice, George Gordon, advocate, and Thomas Thomson holding it in succession till 1754, when the latter sold it to James Johnston, Esq., of Middle Grange, also a bailie of Culross, in whose family the estate remains.

Tho Glen in gatesyd of Aloa dyd 30 Jar ; Androw mackee in monteath dyd 1 febr ; My Lord Aberuchall on of ye Lords of Session dyd at Edr 16 febr ;1 The Laird of Gargunock dyd sudenly in his own house 18 febr ; Geo. bruce Grieve his son dyd 28 febr ; Capt Dempster of Pitliver dyd suddenly at Resyth 29 febr ; old Vm Alexr my old man in feritown dyed 9 martch ; old Ephie Ramsay relict of ye deceast Wm Duthie dyd 17 mart ; Francis Alexr in Kings meadow dyd 25 martch ; Rot. Stupart in ye wind of Tillibody dyd 26 martch ; James Stupart his elder brother in Tillibody dyed 6 April; Alexr Steinson capt of Edr Toun guard dyd thr 15 Ap Myr ; Lady Forester dyd at Letham 17th Apr ; Ms Smeton dyed 7 May; Mr. Alexr Bruce of Garlit dyd in Ireland 1 May. My daughter brought furth hir thrid child ye 27 may at on in the morning and christned Christian ye 30 may in clackm church. old John Scotland in black Salin dyd 31 may; Baylie John Haliday in Culross dyed 4 June ; Ross, Archbishop of St Andrews, dyd at Edr 12 June.2
Tho. Kirk merch. in Alloa dyd 27 July ; Francis Kirk in Alloa dyd 28 July ; Kennets brother Lieutenant Charles3 was killed by a canon bal of namure ye .....; Charles Sympson, a child of Ja. Sympson in Sawchie, dyed ye 14 Agust. My Lord Erskine was born at Edr on Sunday betwixt 10 and 11 at night ye 27 Agust called John.4 Margt. McGrugar, Tho. Benies wyfe, dyd 21 Sepr.; Margt Christie, Jon Chrystees daughter, dyd 24 Sepr ; The Laird of Blairhall5 yor dyd in fife, Sepr ; old Jon Shorts wyfe at ye grean of Clackm. dyd 24 oct. sudenlie ; The Laird of Bedlay6 dyd sudenly 8 oct ; old John dickee tenant in ye bowhouse of sauchie dyed sudenly ye 19 oct ;

1 Sir Colin Campbell of Aberuchil.
2 Arthur Ross, died 13th June 1704.
3 Bruce.  See above, 1672.
4 John, Lord Erskine, second son of John, sixth Earl of Mar, and Lady Margaret Hay, died 2d December 1704.  See below.
5 Thomas Bruce, fourth Baron of Blairhall, married Jean, daughter of Sir James Henderson of Fordel.   Their eldest son married Jane Leslie, daughter of Lord Lindores, by whom an only daughter, who married Dugald Stewart of Bute. Thomas's younger brother, Sir Alexander, succeeded, but left no heirs-male -- line extinct. -- The Bruces and the Cumyns.
6 Roberton of Bedley.

my old aunt Bessie m'ton aged 96 dyed at parm. 4 novr ; my Lord Erskine dyed ye 2d decer at 11 at night ; Christian Christee, Hugh Alexr wyfe, dyed 6 decer ; Sr Jon Bell provost of Glasgow dyd 7 der ; My Lord Whytlaw1 dyd at Edr ye 13 der ; Collonel McGill dyd sudenly at Edr 15 der ; Ja Don dyd 22 der ; Jon Simpson, a child of Ja Simpsons, dyed 30 der ; ....ferguson, daughter to Rot. ferguson, dyed 31 der. This last year a good summer and harvest ; The victuall fra Vhits to Sepr 10 merks, now ye bear at 6 lib, pease 4 lib, meal 8 merks.
1705. Marjorie Smeiton in Alloa dyd 7 Jar. ; old James simpson wyfe, Agnes may, dyd 9 Jarii. ; Earle of Errol dyd ; Baylie Russall in Sterling his wyfe dyed 12 Jar. ; The Earle of Erroll2 dyd ye beginning of Jar.; Tho. Moriss, waker in Cambuss, his wyfe dyed 28 Jar.; Ms. Elisabeth paterson, daughter of ye Archbisop,3 dyd at Edr. 10 martch ; old Thomas Thomson in grange, aged 88, dyd 24 mart ; Jon Hunter, son to Rot. Hunter, dyed 26 mart.; Mr. Duchar, his young son James dyd 2 Apr.; Tho. Norie, wreater in Stling, dyd 13 may of ane decay ; Sr James Hackett of Pitfiran dyd by a fall from his horse near to his own house may ; my Lord Fesdo,4 a Lord of Session, dyed suddenly 9 June ; old Adam Primrose in Geilehome dyed 18 June ; Jon Stein in Grange dyd 19 June ; Helin Dickee in Sauchie dyd 11 July ; John Law in Cambus dyd sudenly by a fall from his horse 12 July ; John Smeton dyd 10 August ; Earle of March5 and generall Ramsay6 dyd both suddenly at Edr. ye 9 Sepr.; Rot. Ker in Alloa dyd 7 oct. Aloa's hill all snow this 1 oct. Blind Laird of Grange dyd at home suddenly 14 oct.; Major John Neilson dyd at Edr. 29 Oct. The Lady Kinnaird,7 aged 84, dyd 31 oct. My Lord Forrester dyed novr.;

1 Sir William Hamilton of Whitelaw, Justice-Clerk, died 14th December 1704. -- Senators of the College of Justice.
2 John, Earl of Errol, died 30th December 1704. -- Douglas's Peerage.
3 See her father's death below, 1708.
4 Sir Jas. Falconer of Phesdo, died June 10, 1706, Brown's Monumental Inscriptions in Greyfriars Churchyard. The inscription on the monument is illegible.
5 Lord William Douglas, second son of William, first Duke of Queensberry, was created Earl of March 20th April 1697. -- Douglas's Peerage.
6 General George Ramsay of Carriden, Commander in Scotland.
7 Possibly widow of Sit George Kinnaird of Inchture, knighted in 1661, and died December 1689.

Mr. Carmichall of bamblee dyed at falkland ye 20 oct.; Vm. Paton, skipper in Alloa, his wyfe mary Erskine dyd 6 novr.
Earle of Kincardine dyed 10 novr. ;1 Jon Fergus in Reselloch dyed 14 novr ; Jon Reid, Clackm., servt., dyd 24 novr.
1706. Tillibodys2 2d daughter dyd 11 Jar. ; Ms. Elphingston in Craighead dyed 12 Jar. ; Rot. Bruce in Linmiln, his relict dyd 19 Jar. ; Vm. Clerk daughter in perkmiln dyd 21 Jar. ; patrick nuccoll in birkhillend dyd 6 febr. ; Mary Lindsay, Jon bachops wyfe, my cuss. german, dyed 17 febr. our mukell corn kill was brunt wt 7 bols of our oats 25 febr. The Laird of Stramree, Rot. Douglass, neir Leslie, my cussing, dyd ye begining Apr ; Baylie Jervey in Sterling dyd sudenly by a fall fra his horse in Torwood ; Mr. Robin, minister at Ava,3 his wyfe dyed in childbirth 14 Apr. ; Rot. Moriss in Bowhouse his daughter dyd 23 Apr. ; provost Vatson of dumbartoun ; Lady Ms. Kathrin Bruce, aged 81 years, dyed at Clackm. 7 may
1706. The Laird of Sawchie dyd at Stling ye 13 may, and was buried in his own Isle at Clackmanan. My daughter Kathrin brought furth her 4 child ye 13 may be on in ye morning, and was christind francis in Alloa church 17 may.  My cussing Margaret May, relict of Ja, Morisone, merd in pearth, dyed 6 June ; John Sawers in Alloa dyed 8 July ; Jon Hadden of Myrtown dyd 21 July ; Earle of Hoom dyed 22 July at Edr.4
Vm. Tait, carpentar in Alloa, dyd 20 Sepr.  My Lady Elphinston5 dyd 6 oct. ; John dempterston, Townhead in Alloa, dyed 12 oct. My Lady Mar brought furth hir 2d son, my Lord Erskine, at Edr. ye 3d novr. Sunday, betwixt 10 and 11 in ye day, and immediatly christned Thomas.6 John Anderson, vrighter, dyd at Alloa ye 21 der. ; The Laird of Herbershire7 dyd at Powhouse 22 der.

1 Alexander Bruce, third Earl of Kincardine, died unmarried, November 1705.---Sharpe's Peerage.
2 See above, 29th June 1699.
3 Henry Robin.--Scott's Fasti..
4 Charles, sixth Earl of Home.
5 Anne Burnet, daughter of Alexander Burnet, Archbishop of Glasgow, married, first, Alexander, seventh Lord Elphinstone, but had no issue by him ; she married, second, Patrick, third Lord Elibank, and was mother of Alexander, fourth Lord Elibank.
6 Thomas, Lord Erskine, son of John, sixth Earl of Mar, and Lady Margaret Hay, was deprived of the family titles by his father's attainder.
7 George Stirling of Herbertshire.

1707. - Dickee, tenant in Garland, dyd 7 Jar. ; The Earle of Stair dyd at Edr. suddenly ye 8 Jar. ;1 The Dutchess of Atholl dyed att Hamiltone the 3d Jary. 1707.2   Jonet Stein in ferritown, relict of ye deceist Vm. Heggin ther, dyed 3 febr.   The last year fra martch 1706 till candlemass last excessive raines for ye most part Gartstank clackm. damhead broke out decer. and several houses fell down wt ye raines. The meal at 3 lib. 6s. 8d. ; The bear ye dearest 4 lib. 6s. 8d.
Androw Stein in Craigtoun pans his daughter Jean dyd 9 febr. ; Robert Keirie dyed of a decay at Edr. ye 9 martch, and was buried ther ; Old John Arthurs wyfe dyd 20 martch ; The Countess of Mar3 dyed of ane decay at Duplin ye 25 of Apr. being friday at 3 in ye morning, and was buried at Alloa in the yle on Thursday ye 8 May at night ; James mitchell at Ava miln dyd 29 Apr.   91 officers killed, 240 prisoners. L.Collonel Mr Harrie Erskine4 was killed in Spain at ye batle of Almanza 14 Apr. old style ; Vm. miln maltman in Alloa dyd by a fall fra his horse ye 6 June ; Kathrin Lindsay, spouse to Rot. dickee in Alloa, dyed 24 June ; Ms. Hare, aged 78, dyed at Edr. 2 July ; Marjorie Thomson, wyfe to Tho. Broun in feriton, dyd 20 Septr.
1708.  George Bruce his wyfe in west field dyd 5 Jar. 1708 ; Tho. Anderson of Haltoun dyd 8 febr. ; margt. Logan, midwyfe in Elphinston, dyd 8 febr. ; old Jon Short, smith, dyd 11 febr. ; Isobell dempterston, at ye toun head of Alloa, dyd ye same day ; Janet Wallace, my uncles wyfe, dyd the 2d of Aprile ; John Arthur in Alloa dyd 11 Apr. ; John Burn at Gartmorn dyed 28th Aprile ; Adam primrose wife in Gelum dyed 30th Aprile.   My daughter Kath brought furth hir 5 child on sunday at one in ye morning ye 23 of may, and baptised ye 1 of June, villiam in Clackman. Baylie Baird in Edr. dyd 11 July ; Jon Paterson, coaliar in Colyland, was kild in ye heugh by ye fall of ye roof ye 2 Agust ; Jean Black Tho. Arthur's wyfe, dyd 19 Ag. ; Vm. his son ye same day ;

1 John, second Viscount, first Earl of Stair
2 The Lady Catherine Hamilton, daughter of William and Anne, Duke and Duchess of Hamilton, and first wife of second Duke of Athole.
3 Lady Margaret Hay.   See above, 1703.
4 Son of Charles, fifth Earl of Mar.

old Jon Craich dyd 23 Ag. ; David Bruce Clackmanans son dyd 29 Ag. of a feaver ; Gogar dyd at Utrect in Holland 19 Oct. ; Chr. Hegin dyd at Parkm. 17 novr. at 3 afternoon, aged 3 years and an half ; The Archbishop of Glasgow1 dyed at Edr. 9 Decr. at one in the morning, and was buried in the Abbey Church. Bear betwixt 7 and 8lib, meal 10 mrks. In march 8lib, Beans 7lib, meal and beans thereafter 10lib.
1709.  David dow, my tenant, dyd 15 Jar. ; Jean Keirie dyd at Edr. of a decay 19 Jar. at 2 in ye morning 1709 ; old Wm. Lindsays wife dyed ye 22 Janry. 1709.   I got my wreasted foot 24 Jar.   Janet Demperstone, aged 80 yeirs, old clark morise relict, dyed 14th Febry. ; Charles Row of Enerallan2 dyd at Edr. 5 martch ; John Edmonstone att the vally of stirling dyed March ; Sr william Patersone dyed at Leith 29 Sept. ; John Mackenzie, skipper in Aloa, and his son William, John Morise, and a boy were all drowned at Pearth 5 October.  Bear at Christim 8 and 9lib boll, meal 8lib.
1710.  Mr. Graham, minister of dunferm., dyd 15 Jar. 1710 ; James Haroer at Linmiln dyd 21 Jar. ; Sr Wm. Bruce of Kinross dyd at Edr. Jar. 1 ; John Futhie dyd at Edr. 29 Jar. ; Archbald duncan in Tilligart dyd i febr. ; old Doctor Steinson dyed February ye 9th.   My daughter brought furth hir 6 child ye 4th April at half four, and was christned in Clack. church Christian.   Geo. dempsterston at ye water mill dyed 19 Apr. ; Tobias Bachop,3 masson in Alloa, dyed 26 Aprile ; patrick Lindsayes wife in Hiltone dyed 14th Aprile ; The Laird of Aberlady4 dyed att Edr. the 27th Aprile ; Tho. Macky dyed 14th may ; Bellielisk his daughter Katharine dyed the 27th July ; E. of Lauderdale dyed at Edr. 12 Aug. 1710 ;5 Robert Fyfe dyed at Edr. 16 Aug. 1710 ;  William Taylor, officer in aloa, dyed 25 August ; Jean Anderson in parkmiln dyd 14 sepr. ; John Gibson in Alloa dyd 20 Sepr. of a rit (sic) in his finger, and infected the whole arm ;

1 John Paterson.
2 In 1709 Hugh Row of Innerallan served heir to his father Charles Row of Innerallan.
3 See Crawford's Memorials of Alloa, pp. 69 and 70.
4 Andrew Fletcher of Aberlady.
5 John, fifth Earl of Lauderdale, died 13th August 1710.   Index of Services. Douglas gives 30th August.

My Lord Tillicultrie1 dyd 1st octr. Ms. Buchanan dyd at Edr. 9 der. of a feaver.
1711.  Mr Rot vright his wyf dyd at Edr 15 Jarj. ; Hugh Row dyed at Edr 8 febr ; old John Hog in Ortchard dyed 1 febr. ; The Laird of Kinnaird, aged 82, dyed 18 febr. ;2 Alexr. Hog, skipper in Aloa, his wife dyed 13 febr.   prices of meal since martinmass last 7lib p. boll, bear 18lib, oats betwixt 6 and 7lib, peas and beans the same, malt 8lib.
The Laird of Newton, aged 84, dyed 18 febr at Falkirk.3  My sone John was maried at Edr on Kat. Eedington 27 febr ; Janet Anderson, spouse to Thomas Red in Clack. dyed 10 march ; Sr Jon Bruce of Kinros dyed at Glasgow the 19th march ;  Mrs Keirie, aged 78, dyed att parkmilne the 29th march at 10 acloak day ; The Countes of mar dyed at Stirling Castle 8th Apr. at 11 forenoon ; Christian Heigin dyed at ferrytown 9th April at 6 aclock night ;  Countes of Weems4 and Kingkardine dyed April ;   The Dauphine of France and the Emperor dyed Aprile ; Jon Andersone, Craighead, dyed 17th May.  My son Jons wife bar her son 2d Decr 1711, and was baptised Francis on the 3d.  clark morise died ye 31 decr.
1712. - Christian Smitton dyed 10th Aprile ; The young Lady poufoulis5 dyed 18th Aprile ; Jas. Allan, miller, dyed 12 August ; My old Lady Mar in the north dyed in July. The water of over and Black Devons very great ; it was in our summer house 24th Septr. Jon Chrystie dyed 9th Octr ; Dk. Hamiltone murdred by Mr. McKairtney after he had killd Lord Moahn att a duel the 15 novr. ; The Laird of Clackmannan6 dyed the 21st novr aged 63 ; Tho. Whyt, wright in Clack., dyed the 24th Decr.
Bailly Erskine dyed the 23d April 1713 ; Fr masterton. Jons son, dyed 4th may ; Jon his 2d son was born 28 may ; Charles son John was born 31 May 1717 ; my good Daughter dyed 16 June 1717 ; The Child dyed 24 June 1717 ; my Daugr Agnes Dyed ye 14 March 1718 ; my Daugr Christian dyed ye 24 March 1718.
Francis my son dyed at Edr. the 14th July 1718 ; Jon Kirk in Alloa dyed Septr. 1719 ; Jon Donaldsone in Alloa dyd Octor ; my sone Harie dyed here novr 5th ; Ch. Erskine Arc. Alcorn's wife dyed 9 Novr ; Margret Steen in Gubber dyed 14 novr ; Fr. patone dyed att Stirline 14 Novr.

1 Sir Robert Stewart of Tillicoultry, Bart., one of the Senators of the College of Justice, second son of Sir James Stewart of Beith, Bart.
2 Alexander Bruce of Kinnaird. - The Bruces and the Cumyns, pp. 362, 363.
3 John Wright. See above, 1689.
4 Mary, elder daughter of Sir John Robinson, Bart., of Farningwood, Northants, second wife of David, fourth Earl of Wemyss.
5 Bruce of Powfoulis.
6 Either David Bruce or his brother John.