Alexander Masterton (1643-11680)

Alexander Masterton (1643-1680)

Clerk of Dysart

Alexander Masterton was a notary public in Cupar, Fife, and became Clerk of Dysart, near Kirkcaldy, Fife in the mid 17th century.


Alexander Masterton is the third son of Robert Masterton, burgess skipper in Kirkcaldy, and Rachel Lamb, placing him as part of the small group of Mastertons identified in and around Kirkcaldy at that time. He married Janet Annal in 1668, and had 3 children, and died at a relatively young age in 1680. A fuller genealogy of Alexander Masterton can be found at this link

Calendar of the Laing Charters 854-1837

17th April 1671

reproduced from the Calendar of the Laing Charters, page 626. James Thin for the University of Edinburgh, 1899.

Register of the Privy Council of Scotland

16th January 1678

Bond by the magistrates and council of Dysart, in terms similar to that of the city of St. Andrews. The bond is written by John McRanken, servitor to Alexander Maistertoun, clerk of the said burgh, and dated at Dysart, 16th January 1678; witnesses the said Alexander Maistertoun and John McRanken..

The Register of the Privy Council of Scotland
P Hume Brown (ed)
Series Three, Vol V, 1676-78
p. 634
HM General Register House
Edinburgh, 1912