Adam Masterton (app 1580-1666)

of Grange

Adam Masterton appears in the Court and Council records of Dunfermline in the 1630's when he may have been in his 50's. If any of the allegations against him were true, he was a strong-willed, cantankerous, and possibly devious old character.


Adam Masterton was probably the eldest son of John Masterton of Easter Grange and Marjorie Alexander. If so, Adam is a member of one of the oldest (if not the oldest) of the branches of Mastertons.  Fuller details of the extended family of Adam Masterton are given in the following link:

Calendar of the Laing Charters 854-1837

16th April 1606

reproduced from the Calendar of the Laing Charters, page 364. James Thin for the University of Edinburgh, 1899.

Complaint of Adam Masterton portioner of Grange against Janet Anderson wife of Andrew Micklejohn 'in calling him thief, deceiver and other threatening speeches used against him'. JA denied all AM offered to prove same by inquest of assise. Witnesses called (no details) and deponed nothing. Assise absolves both parties and orders each to find favour to the other.

Dunfermline Court and Council 1619-32
12th February, 1630

James Cousing to pay Adam Masterton 14 merks 5/4d for rest of price of sheep.

Dunfermline Court and Council 1619-32
12th August, 1630

Bessie Anderson only daughter of late John Anderson jnr dyer bD is now 12 chooses curators. Her nearest relatives on father's and mother's sides are: John Anderson dyer in Collier Row William Anderson his son Adam Masterton of Grange John Harper in East Grange She chose said John Harper and Harry Wellwood.

Dunfermline Court and Council 1619-32
27th October, 1631

John Gibb in D procurator for John Brown messenger bD, registered an obligation JB has borrowed 17 from Adam Masterton tenant in Meadowend Written by John Anderson notary at D 24 February 1638 Witnesses John Law bD, John Brown servant of said John Anderson.

Dunfermline Court and Council 1633-48
14th July, 1638

Mr Walter Anderson in D procurator for Robert Forret son of late Robert Forret clerk of Culross, registered revocation. Robert Forret son of late Robert Forret clerk of Culross, 'considering and calling to mind and partly by instigation and persuasion of some subtle men taking advantage of my imbecility and weakness of wit by reason of my minority and less age, and partly by instigation and persuasion of mhy said late father, sometime by threatenings and absolute commandments and sometimes by fatherly allurements, I have been urged, forced and persuaded to sign and grant sundry and divers contracts, dispositions, processes of resignation, bond, obligations, accounts, reckonings and other writs and securities in my minority and less age, to my enormous hurt and (illegible) and without necessary cause tending to my utility.' The law allows him to revoke anything done during minority after the age of 21 and before the age of 25, which he now is and does. Especially a bond by said late RF and self to Adam Masterton in Grange of xxx years, for 500 merks Witnesses: James Bruce of Bordie, Patrick Kinghorn town clerk of D, said Mr Walter Anderson.

Dunfermline Deeds 1638-64
13th July, 1639